Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rain... rain ..... Where Is The SUN?????

This is the last time I saw it.. It has been Missing in Action for a while now... Ahhh Feel the heat??? Well we have good news and bad news.... Kyle is laid off for a few weeks.. Till the weather cooperates and they can get to the point they need bricklayers on the job. Makes things a wee bit tight around here.. Who am I kidding I am stressing! Okay so that's the bad news had to get the worst stuff over with....
The good news I got my bill board tarps for FREEEEEEE!!! Yes not a dime except gas to go pick them up!! We got several of them! enough for all animal projects and to cover wood piles and some to have for emergencies... Another thing is I can tell where we got them.. All I can say is call your local bill board sign companies. Some do sell them and some will decide to get rid of a few!! But I cant tell you where I got mine.. If I could I would! It was not illegal though! I promise! lol
Little more not real thrilling news.. Ear is still not better! I am getting a little nervous. But Doctor said 10 days to feel 99% better.... Okay its day number 6.... I do not like being deaf in one ear!
Brown Bear has settled in nicely here. He is like a little puffed up king! Thinking he is all that and a piece of cake!lol He wanders around the barn doing Goat Bucky things... You Goat people know what I am talking about.. Flapping his tongue, stomping his foot and blabbering to the goat girls... Among other Odoriferous things!! We were working on the tarp and Candice says the barn smelled Goaty!! Imagine that!!lol Of course a buck goat can smell Awful!!
Brown Bear isn't bad due to the fact he is Young and Dehorned. Bucks have scent glands just like Deer bucks and most of the time when you disbud the baby boys it gets the scent glands too... Then once everyone is bred and they are no longer in rut they wont stink as bad... The older they get the more it seems to hang around though!
SO I am getting off of here and heading to bed.. I hope everyone has a great night!

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Rural Rambler said...

Tonia that stinks about Kyle getting laid off. I will say a little prayer, but with your positive attitude I know you guys will be ok. I am learning lots about goats here and it is fun. The rain. It rained all day yesterday, all night and is raining this morning. Rain forecasted till Friday. I want some sun!