Saturday, October 10, 2009


Fall Colors starting to show......

The Flooded river. The flooding is actually suppose to peak today. This had been higher and I should have took a better pic but had a really impatient man in the car behind me.

This field was so colorful!!! I just had to take a pic!

Dont they look cold?? Poor birds! It was a bunch of pigeons. Today is the Fall festival. Kyle is already gone and the girls and I will be leaving after we get chores done.. But its soooo cold!! Actually its not that far from normal for the middle of October. I remember when we had a booth for church one year down there we had hats, gloves and coats on.

The rain is suppose to be over for now. We got over 5 inches in less than a day and half! Its a little soggy around here. My Animals think they are going to drown and yelling at me to get the boat done!Lol I need to order the tarp for the goat barn and then move the goat tarp to the chickens. Then the chicken tarps to the rabbits!!lol But when I went to check on the tarp they are sold out of the size I need!!! I am a little bit panicked about that!!!
These tarps cannot be beat for durability and price. It is the billboard tarps. They take a little figuring out on how to tie them down. you can buy a grommet kit but we found a cheaper way to tie down. It has a loop down the sides and we cut slits in it and tied it down. These tarps do not fray like the cheap blue or silver tarps you get from Walmart or other places. They are Heavy!! Anyway so I just need to get the bigger tarp..
Okay off to do chores and get ready to go to the Fall Festival! Everyone have a great day! I know I plan on it!!


Flat Creek Farm said...

Ok, I want to know more about those good tarps! Maybe I just need to read a little further back. Everything is just mush in our neck of the woods too. I feel sorry for the critters having to muck around in it all day.

Have fun at the Festival! -Tammy

Kelle said...

I hope the river doesn't affect your farm. The river we live on is so low, well before this moisture, you could almost walk across it without getting your ankles wet, LOL!

Thanks for the tarp info. They sound great!

Have a great weekend,

Anke said...

Good luck with the tarp and try and stay warm.

Gail said...

The White River shall reach flood stage today but I do not know when the crest is. Buffalo River is bringing it up quick.

We got almost five inches so not as wet as some.

Deborah said...

Tonia, I too want to know about your tarps. Where do you get canvas tarps at? We too are saturated due to heavy rains for over 2 weeks now. So much so that our neck of the woods was even in the news, national news at that. I've quit trying to teach swimming lessons to our chickens and goats. Need something to help create a drier place for them. Help!

~Tonia said...

The tarps are Billboard tarps. So they have an advertisement on one side and are either black or white on the other side. The best place I have found is You can cut them to size and use a grommet kit Or it has a loop down each side and we tied it down by cutting slits every so many inches in the loop. Very Durable and thick.