Thursday, October 15, 2009

It Was HORRIBLE......

I do believe I am permanently traumatized!! I was with Out a PC for a whole okay not quite 24 hours!! I woke up at 4am this morning to it turning off and on by itself.... It had been acting up for a couple of weeks and my Virus protection kept getting the same virus in the scan every time.. So it went to the shop and this is a PC my SIL gave me to work on to see if I could get it fixed for the girls to use.. Well I stuck the Restore CD and Wa-La here I am!! Shooooo.. It was awful... I was panicked and upset couldn't figure what to do with myself!!Lol
But unfortunately all my pics and other stuff are on the other PC... Hopefully it is fixable! Which they thought it was.. But we will see...


Goat Creek Grandma said...

I can relate! I have a desktop that I got not quite a year ago and its giving me fits. I had two days it would do nothing then voila!

I did learn to transfer all pictures to a flash drive a year ago because my old computer locked up and would do nothing. I had lost all of our farm pictures and grandson's pictures. I was so upset.

I hope you get it fixed soon.

Take Care,

tree ocean said...

How awful! I was clobbered a year ago and got help online from Geeks To Go and running hijack this scans for them. They were very helpful!!!

Telling me what stuff to download to clean it out, etc.

Only trouble was I did have to use a back up comp and flash drive to get some of it since my comp was having trouble connecting.

So if I get a virus my software can't kick out I would go there again.

I just had to renew my antivirus and bought a portable hard drive at the same time since I had so many pics I wanted to back up..cost about 100 for both which stunk but can't live without it!!!LOL

Speaking of which, I should go run a scan and microsoft update...good luck with your 'puter.

Gail said...

I have the same sense of panic when something is not working right.