Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yikes! Posted With Out A Title!!

It was beautiful outside today!!! I woke up to strange lights coming through my window... You know Sunshine??It tried to cloud up but it didn't stick around long!April and Dottie enjoying the new hay!! The view from the front porch... My new nest "box"! Lol I was tired of cleaning out the boxes I have and they Love the goat hay rack.... So I gave the chickens a hay rack!!Eggs rarely roll out of the goat hay rack so I figured this will probably work we will see!Van, the wether feeling frisky... Ethel not tolerating it....Actually no one was tolerating the rough housing!! All 5 of the older goats went after him and put him in his place!! Dottie got serious about it!! Sasha the trouble maker!! Hope is no longer a gangly teenage goat!! She is almost 2 years old and is filling out so well!

Brown Bear relaxing! Mariah watching all the fussing going on... In the background.. Our LGD! LOL Hey Hobo is excellent at sounding like she weighs 150lbs and can tear a predator apart in one shake... No one needs to know she is only 15-20lbs Max!!Lol

My scrawniest goat, Sunshine!! She looks good right now but the least little bit of stress and she loses weight... Wish that worked for me!Lol
My oldest goat, April. She will be 6 yrs old next spring...

I don't remember posting a pic of Cloudy. She is a Holland Lop that her ears never lopped! She is smaller and has blue eyes.. She looks so cute and cuddly.... Watch out she can get crazy!!Lol we are hoping she is pregnant..
The view from our drive as we were leaving to go get hay!!

Chickens Love my van!! I don't blame them I do too.. Lol Really I think they are planning on stealing.. Chickens are sneaky....

And a little friend... I didn't know what it was. Kyla saw the pic of it and went nuts... She knew what it was.. Its a Nut Weevil! So every time I brought acorns in to decorate and they had worms come out of them.. Well it was Nut Weevil Larvae. It looks like it belongs in a Star Wars Movie... The blue sky made me feel better!! I knew there was a reason blue was my favorite color!!
I found some good hay today for not so much money! One is a grassy clover mix the goats liked.. The other is almost pure clover and they Loved it!! The knock the lady with the hay down type of loving! It gets better!! The guy that had the hay usually has it all winter!! Wooo Hooo! I am hoping to start buying it and getting a little stocked up on it!
Kyle and the girls got the rifles sighted in. 2 more days!
I get to go trim goat hooves tomorrow!!lol For my poor friend who would probably hurt herself! Just Kidding Rebekah... Sort of! Hey I get good coffee and breakfast out of it! And get to visit for a while! No kids, no hubby.... doesn't happen very often. I appreciate it when it does happen...
I am seriously thinking of advertising to trim goat hooves and disbud babies.. For a fee of course.. but not sure yet.. Any of my fellow goat friends have any suggestions on this?? Feel free to leave a comment.
Okay I am headed to bed! I hope everyone has a good night......


Rural Rambler said...

Good Morning Tonia! It is thundering here as I type. It was a beautiful day yesterday. Love the pictures of the goats having a sunny day. The new header is very nice and the pictures of your trees are about like ours. It has been a strange fall weather wise. The chickens and the van-funny!

tree ocean said...

yeah sun! Isn't the sky the prettiest blue in the fall? I thought the wood chips sounded like a good idea in your comment.

Your goats look great!

I read awhile back that in Europe they chip brush and bag it for winter fodder for sheep! So the goats might bark it for you after you chip it!

~Tonia said...

TY Tree! I do love the blue sky in the fall I think all the colors are brighter in the fall till it fades.. I am sure the goats would chew on their bedding.
RR This rain is crazy!! The scanner is going off like crazy. I would absolutely love a full week of sunshine! The trees have been colorful though.. Even the Oaks who usually go brown are such a pretty burnt orange color.