Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Goats Milk Soap!

Ahh the Joy of a nice smelling box in the mail!!
I ordered my first bunch of soap a few months ago... I had bought Goat's milk soap where ever I could find. Kyla and Kara have thyroid issues that I have posted about before and along with that comes extremely scaly dry skin especially in the cold months. The goats milk soap is the only soap that don't aggravate their skin.. Then I found a regular supplier!! I started buying my soap from Lacey at http://www.hiddenbrookfarm.net/ And I absolutely LOVE it!!
My favorite is the Lavender and Spearmint soap... I got a new one to try this time though and its pomegranate. Can't wait to try it.. I take the little leftover slivers and put in a squeeze bottle mix with a little water and make hand soap so none of it is wasted!
It gets shipped right to the house and the box always smells sooo good! I also bought some lotion this time and I use her facial lotion that I like really well... Oh and not to mention the Honey Almond Sugar scrub!! Thank You Lacey!!!
Okay I don't want to sound like a commercial but the only other thing I could come up with to blog about was the rain...... Yeah I REALLY am tired of it... You all are probably tired of hearing me complain about it.... I know now why I don't like the color gray.... Blue is by far my favorite!We were suppose to get a break from it tomorrow but they are showing more rain.
Youth deer season is this weekend Kyle is taking Kyla and Kara one each day. Candice has no real interest in hunting or fishing so she doesn't go.. They are excited! I hope they get a couple! Last year when Kara got a deer she was so proud to actually be the one responsible for the food we were eating!
Okay I think I will go look out the back door and see if the rain has quit.. Dry ground would be a wonderful thing...


Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing the soap link! Way cool...cheap shipping for MO! :) Woo hoo! Have you tried her Triple Play facial bar? I think I am going to order some of that and some lavender soap..lavender goat milk soap is my absolute fav! Used to be able to get it local. Thought about trying my hand at making some. Someday! :) LOL

Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

And oh yes, I hear you about being tired of grey skies and rain! I'd even take freezing cold temps if we could just get some sunshine! We are gearing up for youth season this weekend too- my 12 yr old son is so excited. Got his gun all sighted in yesterday. :)

~Tonia said...

Jennifer-I havent tried the facial bar. I just use the regular soap.. I do use the sugar scrub on my face its not super oily or rough feeling. After my surgery I was getting dry patches on my face I guess from hormone changes.. anyway it helped a Bunch!!
I would like to make my own but first I want to make yogurt... and yogurt... Lol The most I hav ehad milk for is drinking and feeding bottle babies! hopefully this next year it will be a little more than that with milking 7!
Good luck to your son this weekend!!!

kestrel said...

I have tried goat milk body wash and it leaves my skin really silky nice. But it does not have a nice scent and i have not seen any lavender ones here yet. Lavender is my favourite scent and i have lavender powder on my body and feet (??) every morning before work. I must smell like a lavender bush.

Rural Rambler said...

What a lovely box of goodies, I love it when I hear UPS rumbling and crunching down the driveway! I dance around like a little kid. And we are tired, tired, tired of the rain too. Today is suppose to be sunny and 66 :) Tomorrow-RAIN, Friday-RAIN. Does keep the ladybug imposters away.

Carolyn said...

I just made my first batch of soap last week. I can't wait to use it. It is so pretty and I love knowing exactly what's in it.

Goat's milk soap is wonderful. I've been buying from Pricilla but now I can make my own!

Mary said...

Goat milk soap...glad you found something to assist with the troubled skin. It is amazing!

Love your blog...I am bookmarking.

Take care, Mary

Anonymous said...

I will send you some sun from here : ) Thanks for sharing the little bunny fact with me i did not know that. It is always fun to learn new things. I cant wait till you have more baby bunnys : ) Have a great day!

~Tonia said...

Kestrel- I would say if it didnt smell good then they are doing something wrong. Because even the unscented soap I used didnt smell bad. I did get some bad smelling soap and lotion one time from a craft show! It was awful!
Carolyn you are braver than me!!
RR not to be the bearer of bad news but now they are saying rain till Sunday!! But we do have sun now!!
Thank you Mary for Bookmarking my blog!
I am enjoying the sun while its here!