Friday, October 2, 2009

Birthday Party!!!!

But first something the girls found in the garage this morning.... There was 4 of them!!! They are a little scrawny 2 boys and 2 girls! One of the boys went home with a friend already. He had a little stub of a tail not quite a bobtail. I am just glad it was a Cat and not a rat! One of them ran over my foot yesterday and immediately thought rat because I was by the feed barrels and all I saw was the tail! They were a little freaked out ......

And caused these injuries!! You really can't see it well in the pic But there are several bite marks and they also got my husband. He had a hold of one of the kittens and it was eating up his thumb! He was trying to get it off of him but it wouldn't let go! They are all friendly now and the girl were playing with them. They really need to be wormed and I have seen the momma cat since we moved in but she finally started coming up to us. The girl's day was made! They missed their cats!!

Happy Birthday!! Of course it was last Monday but they seemed to have fun tonight with the party! They got to have 3 friends over. One other was here but she is getting ready for a trip so couldn't stay the night.. Of course there were cousins and others too!!

The cakes. They turned 12 so it was 12 swirls and 12 flowers on each cake... Alot of fun and got to visit with old friends, family and a new friend!! Now I am tired and ready for bed!! Hope the girls aren't up to late!! We have 4H Recognition Night Tomorrow night. the girls will get their pens for projects and for being in 4H Candice has been in there 2 years and Kyla and Kara 1 year. We are looking forward to the new year in 4H.
So good night everyone!!


tree ocean said...

Kittens and cakes, sounds like a great birthday!

Carolyn said...

A new baby animal makes a perfect birthday in my book.

OH I just noticed your eat sleep feed goats button. I love it!!!

Can I steal it?

Gail said...

Wonderful! We are kitten poor so remember to spay after this batch.

Happy Birthday, young ladies!

Deborah said...

Oh, the joys of kittenhood. I have one old cat, who is not up for playing much any more. Seeing your kittens makes me want to bring one home.

Birthday parties are fun anytime! Beautiful cakes, great idea about using the number in such a creative way.

TJ said...

Beautiful cakes! I'm glad your girls had such a wonderful day!

Feral Female said...

What a wonderful party your girls had! Cake, presents and kittens!

We adopted a kitten from a wild mother 6 months ago and with some handling and gentleness she has turned into one of our greatest joys! And troublemakers!