Saturday, September 12, 2009


These flowers are lining the roadsides right now.. They are so bright and pretty.. Dottie and one of the Honey locust trees. They chew on those thorns!Ethel and Mariah. Mariah seems to really like Ethel and Ethel Tolerates her!! lol I have several pics of them together.Right after this picture Mariah turned around and butted Ethel. She got knocked around for her orneriness!!All I have to say is Chickenbutt!
And Awwww Ain't they cute?????
Mom and babies. They will be 2 weeks old Monday.Its a scary world!!But there maybe food out there!!!Dad looking all tough.. Scratch that how can a Rabbit look tough??

This is what I enjoyed with my cup of coffee and slice of Pear bread this morning! It was sooo nice.
Charlotte came back! Apparently Garden spiders don't die immediately after egg laying.. I need to go look them up and see how long it takes for the eggs to hatch. She made another web all nice and neat and was enjoying breakfast this morning.. Anyone want web wrapped grasshopper? I think I will pass on that..
We had the fun of Deworming Goats and Chickens yesterday!! Chickens didn't appreciate the couple drops of wormer in their beaks... Some got downright hateful!! Old biddies!!! Lol
Goats got the worse end of the deal because it was injectibles so they got a little stick and the meds burned and they were stomping their leg because of it! But it went away with in a few minutes and they are all good! This stuff last for 21 days in their system so it will get at least 2 parasite cycles.
Also when we were out working on everyone I noticed what looks like sores on some of them. Its not sore mouth its little crusty spots that are all over but just a few per goat. Some are by their mouth some along their back. It scraps off and there is new skin underneath. I am mixing something to put on it. It has Lavender and Oregano essential oils plus Plantain and garlic. When its done melting down the beeswax I will add a little rose hip powder to it... We will see how it works..
The only thing I can come up with is this is some kind of bite. It doesn't look like ring worm and once the crusty stuff is gone it heals up and goes away.. We haven't had sore mouth since the first year my goats had babies and it doesn't look anything like it... We will see. Any of you goat people that read my blog have an idea let me know what you think.. If its an external parasite the Dewormer will take care of it..
Oh and I tried drying up Sunshine. My scrawniest milk goat I have had the longest... The Sage oil worked Wonders for Dottie and Hope. They dried up in about 3 days... I milked Sunshine out on day one used the oil.. Day 2 she gave almost a Half gallon of milk......... She had been giving only about a quart If that!!! That Goat can be the oddest thing ever. She is skinny never gains weight till she is pregnant. She is one of the ones you want to hide when people come to see your goats! lol And when I try to dry her up, She never wants to dry up... All well I guess I will wait till after she is bred like normal...
Kyle was suppose to work today because of the lack of working this week.. They showed and worked a few hours and then the boss never showed.. So they had to come home. Now he is out putting up his tree stand on some property he has gotten permission to hunt on! Yeah!
I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Aimee said...

Tonia, what is the injectable wormer and what worms is it for? Can you milk them while it is in their system? And I wonder about the sores... I wonder if goats get herpes. cold sores, you know? You have such pretty goats, I'm jealous of those lovely spots.

tree ocean said...

I bet you are using ivomec injectible-they use it at the farm and it stings! I was helping with injections the other day and I knew it wasn't wormer cos they weren't reacting to it-it was the CDT's. I have heard you can use the injectible orally as well for goats...

I was thinking the sores might be moose/horse fly bites they tend to pick at one place and keep biting there...have you seen any biting flies?

tree ocean said...

oops I misspelled injectable.

~Tonia said...

I misspelled it too. Funny thing is Spell check new it was wrong but had no suggestions.. I was having one fo those days spelling wise..
Yes it is Ivomec but its the Ivomec Plus thats why it stays in their system longer. It kills Liver Flukes where regular Ivomec doesnt..
We have horse flies and Deer flies. But I dusted them and hadnt seen either one since... It doesnt seem to bother them either. Only 4 out of 9 goats have the spots and 2 of the goats had Soremouth as babies. None of the babies have them Except the wether..

John said...

I had a similar problem. I searched round and found that there ae three types of mites that attack goats. One of them forms scabs. I mixed up some permethrin and sprayed the spots. Problem gone in three days.

~Tonia said...

If thats what it is then the Wormer will take care of it. Last night already showed an improvement. SO maybe thats what it is.. Soremouth does not improve that quick. They have only had this a few days and Soremouth sticks around for 1-4 weeks depending on how bad it is.

Rural Rambler said...

Chickenbutt :)

Gorgeous view for morning coffee!