Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oh Look More Critters....

Well there are several critters in this post.. Imagine that!! Here is a little green snake Kyla and Kara caught yesterday.. They are very harmless unless it gives Nanny a heart attack when they bring it in the house....These snakes don't get real big.. I think the longest is 2.5 ft.. I actually don't mind these.. And a cute moment... They grow everyday.. Their fur is getting thick we have to be careful they don't get to hot. Dot is a great momma.. They are 9 days old now. My Strawberry plants in their new Lasagna bed.. They are loving it. Little ones have taken off and the 2 larger plants have almost doubled.Kyle and Candice finishing up the fence yesterday.. I was so happy to get it done.. Its not completely done still But gave them a lot more room!! About twice as much as what they had.. We still have about 20 feet to go to the front fence line. But Kyle will clear that out this late fall and spring to find the fence that is in there.. We are going to bring the fence line about 5 foot in from those trees and let it grow up between us and the neighbors to give it kind of a barrier.. They have some scary looking and sounding dogs. I don't want to make it easy for them to get close..Abby looking all potbellied standing on her back legs trying to reach the trees.
Enjoying the new stuff!!!

There is a little bit of it! Ethel was belly deep and she isn't real small...

There are a bunch of Honey locust trees started out there.. They are already had them stripped as of last night.. They chew on the thorns after they eat the leaves. If you break the branch or tear a leaf it smells sweet like well Honey...

Vanilla enjoying the fruits of Kyle and Candice's Labor!
We officially started school today. The girls really were ready to get back to it.. Candice huff and puffs about but I think she was even ready for it. They improved some things over the summer. Its fun to see what they work on over breaks on their own.. They will go to Nana's for Math Thursday. They are happy for that.... I am happy too!! lol A little time to myself.. I have lots of plans and we are enjoying the Shared Learning too. I found a new website today for homeschooling.. Its www.currclick.com There is some free stuff and some not free but it looks like good stuff. The stuff that is not free is not real expensive either.. Since we do unit studies it had some already made up that I think the girls will enjoy..
I am feeling much better but I still tire easily. But its working on week 4! Yeah!! AS Long as I keep taking my Vit.C and Detox pills I don't get as tired but if I miss them for a few days I can tell. I am not hurting at all just get tired and then I get cranky!!Lol
Its nice to feel some sort of normal to our everyday life.. It has been such a rush for the last year and then all the stuff going on this past summer.
There is one little blip(that's growing) on the radar and its pouring outside!! So I guess I will have to get off of here and go sit on the front porch and enjoy it!! Oh the pain of what I have to do!... Have a good evening everyone!!


tree ocean said...

What a great looking fence and pasture! My daughter knows the name of all your goats. LOL.

I saw a green snake just like that today and they are not supposed to be in this area. I saw one in the same area (a few miles away) years ago and always thought I imagined it!

Today I was doing fence work at the farm! LOL. After I screamed I wished I had my camera in the field to take a pic of the green snake as it slithered away. No, I don't pick them up!

Then I saw a garter snake and I was not happy to be kneeling out there in the grass with all those snakes! he-he

My kids aren't homeschooling this year cos they missed their friends so much... and I had to go to work.

Glad your six weeks are almost past...keep on healing!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures Tonia!



Anonymous said...

Your goats are so cute!I am pretty sure they are very happy to have new things to munch on!

~Tonia said...

Thanks You all!!
Tree I cant believe she knows them!!Lol.. Sounds like my girls. They say you know mom that one goat that had this and whatever on it.. They did that to me when we visited my friend who has a goat dairy and had 40+ babies. They thought I would remember which one they were talking about!!Lol Yeah right!
We dont see these green snakes very often they blend so well in the green stuff.

Rural Rambler said...

It looks like a great life out there for everyBODY!

R Dean "SlowDog" said...

Tonia, great pics...love the grass snake..VERY pretty green...

How many goats do you guys have? Do you milk them?

Let us know..thanks..R Dean and JD

TJ said...

Love the post! We started school a few weeks ago--slowly at first. Now we are up to 'full time'.

One of the other sites that we enjoy is Hands of a Child. They have a semi-annual freebie that is usually great!

I don't post much, but I am glad you are getting better. I hope all continues to go well!