Sunday, September 27, 2009

Its Been Soooo Long!!

I took the girls picture today.. Trying to get one for the free note cards I won!...

I had the pic in my mind... It had all these animals plus the girls in it... This is NOT what I had in mind.. The animals would not cooperate!
One dead Bunny!!! lol Just Kidding.. This is nursing position for baby rabbits. Obviously he was having flash backs!!

Ahhhhh so cute. They will be 4 weeks old tomorrow...

Makes you want to hug'em and squeeze'em!

Trying to escape they had had enough of the picture taking!!

One lone Silo.. I had a little time to myself Friday and took the long way to get the girls..

I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted. My ear infection has started again.. Same time as last year.. I am NOT dealing with it for 4 months again. I am feeling much better surgery wise and have had all lifting restrictions ahh well Lifted!! Yeah. I got to help mow the yard it was nice to get some real exercise.. All muscle I did have disappeared in 6 Short weeks(longest 6 weeks of my life!!) I can barely lift a hay bale!! That is Sooo not me!

In about 2 weeks we will be getting the goat buck to come visit the ladies for a few weeks! They are ready now and letting me know it!! They are down right irritating!! I was tempted to go get him this week but I want to hold off so we don't have January-February babies but Feb-March babies!!!

My twin girls, Kyla and Kara turn 12 tomorrow!! I cant believe it! They will have a birthday party this coming weekend and have friends and family coming over for supper, cake and ice cream. They get to have a few friends stay the night. They are excited about that.

I have a couple of blog post in the works. One on the Why we switched to goat's milk and one about the birthday girls.. I just haven't had a lot of time to sit down and finish them as of yet...

So I am still alive and kicking! You all have a great night. My bed is calling me!!!


Anonymous said...

Aww the baby bunnies are looking so cute! Tell your girls to have a happy birthday!

Gail said...

Cute bunnies! We used to raise them for extra money when we were children. Dad build a worm pit under them...our second business, fish bait.

tree ocean said...

Happy birthday to the girls! Phoenix turns 12 on the sixth of OCT and he is taller than I am (and I am 5'8")

They grow up quick!

Hope your ear gets better!

Rural Rambler said...

Happy Birthday Kyla and Kara! I share a birthday with you today! I will be eating my share of cake and ice cream! Have a wonderful day you two!!

Anke said...

Those bunnies are the cutest little things. Do you plan on keeping them or are you selling them?
Hope your girl will have a great Birthday!

~Tonia said...

Yes we do plan on selling the baby bunnies. As a matter of fact I already have one sold. This is Kara's business I guess you could say she raises them and sells the babies. She is the main reason we have rabbits!
Tree they do grow so quick I am looking at pics and I cant believe How fast it goes! We have another birthday here Oct. 4th,Kyle's.
Happy Birthday Rural Rambler!!

small farm girl said...

I love the bunnies! It makes me miss mine. lol. I completely understand about losing muscle. If I don't keep moving and using my muscles, it's like I have never done anything. You get back to normal soon, I'm sure.