Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!

Kyla and Kara!!!The first person to get to hold them! Their Daddy!! I didn't get to hold them till 4 hours after they were born!A few days old!6 weeks old... Twins stop traffic let me tell you!! The Loves of my life!!!
They have an Excellent big sister!! At the age of 18 months she was a Momma!First Christmas.. They weren't all that thrilled!lol Ahhhh Blessed Nap time!! Daddy started young teaching them to fish!
They still pick on each other... Its just Louder!!!Wrapped up!! They LOVED their pacies and So did I!!!The differences in their personalities showed up real quick.... I LOVED nap time too!! cant ya tell? This isn't the only sleeping pic I have either!Just a Swingin'!!Double stroller was a Life and Back saver!!!They finally grew out of the stroller.... This was one sure way of keeping our hands on them at all times!!
They didn't much care to be in front of people!Lol Vacation Bible school one year!!

See the attitude???
And the silly side???
They are so sweet......Just couldn't stand the temptation anymore.... Had to touch it!! lol
More attitude!!!Always sharing something....
A little sass in this pic!

They aren't Identical.....Holding my niece Chloe....
A day trip we took to HaHaTonka...

Eating Ice cream at Aunt Robin's house!
Yeah they caught something!! They love critters
More of that attitude!
The toothless stage!! They lost opposite teeth in the front.. Put together they still had all their teeth..
Farm girls for sure!!
Look alike but different....

They don't dress alike anymore...
They find the oddest places to climb too...
Having twins is Definitely different... Its Double of everything at Once!! But the stir you create in stores is just crazy.. When they were about 8 months old it was right before Easter one year. My mom and I were in Walmart. The Kyla and Kara were in the stroller and my mom had Candice in the cart.. We didn't have much to get but it took us Two hours to get out because people kept stopping us!! They were able to sit up and look around and very vocal at that point. So attracted a lot of attention!! For the next 4-5 years we got stuff like that all the time..
They aren't Identical twins but Fraternal. A lot of people still cant tell them apart though.. You have to be around them to know who is who.. I could tell from the start. In just personality if nothing else!
Kyla was born first. She's my happy-go-lucky girl not much fazes her.... She has a lot of my "organized in her own way" tendencies!! lol Poor girl! She is named after her daddy and was a daddy's girl when she was little. But she is also my cuddle kid! She learns better when she is on my lap or as close as she can get to being on my lap now! She is also a talker.. Hmm I have NO Idea Where she gets that!!Lol She loves numbers and math Hates reading!! You can read her thoughts very easily by watching her face! You would think she would be the more outgoing one out of the 2 but she isn't. She is fine when they are out in public and Kara is the one who does most of the talking then.
Kara is the true baby of the family. She was born 2 minutes after her sister and feet first! She responded to my voice from the start. All I had to do was talk to her and she would quit fussing. But her head was under my ribcage for 2 months before she was born!!. Even now when they get in trouble I can have a talk with her and it works as well as any other punishment.She is my serious kid. She is also fine to be by herself. She doesn't talk as much as either of her sisters but when she has something to say she is going to say it!! She is Quietly stubborn! She is great at figuring things out herself and also gets sarcastic humor... I don't know if that's a good thing! I remember the first time I made a sarcastic remark and she was 4 yrs old and Laughed!! I thought to myself Uh Oh!!Lol
I love all 3 of my girls very much, they are my heart. It would be a very bleak world with out them! I have enjoyed each stage of life with them so far and I am looking forward to the rest of it. Even the teen years(well sort of on that!)!


Carolyn said...

I always wanted twins. They are beautiful girls. Happy Birthday.

tree ocean said...

I loved all the pix! Happy Birthday girls! Great job Mom and Dad!

Gail said...

Happy Birthday to you,
not one but two!

kestrel said...

Happy Birthday and twice the fun for the lovely pair. I love their curls when they were babies. Sounds like it was hectic but well worth all the trouble fussing over them. I had twins too but i miscarried at 2 months. But martianGirl came along later and made up for twice the naughtiness.

TJ said...

Happy Birthday girls!
You have a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing so many wonderful pictures.

~Tonia said...

Thank you everyone for the Birthday wishes! They read the blog and comments!!
As to having twins...All I have to say is the first 3 years were a blur of nursing, feeding, bathing,cleaning and sleeping(them not me!) But well worth every second of it.
I thought I may have over done it a bit with the pics.. That is just the tip of the iceberg of our pics!!lol I still have film that needs to be developed too from the B.D.(Before Digital) days.. There is no telling what is on the rolls of film I have... Maybe will get it developed soon..
Thank you for the compliments.. I think they are beautiful but I tend to be a little biased!Lol

stageoflife said...


First of all - happy birthday to your children!

Secondly - I came across your blog because of your references to stage of life moments. I just wanted to let you know I enjoyed it.

Our editors are always looking for more people to participate in the conversation on our site and share wisdom and advice with the world. If you should feel like contributing to our story-sharing project, we welcome you.


Feral Female said...

Happy birthday girls! You have a lovely family!

Kelle said...

Happy Birthday girls! Tonia, enjoy them, even the TEEN years because in a blink of an eye they're grown and moving in their own directions.

We so enjoy checking in on your blog, love the bunnies in the previous blog!

Praying your day if filled with special blessings and wonderful memories gathered.

Blessings from,
The Never Done Farm

Rural Rambler said...

Great pictures Tonia. We have been out of town, Springfield, and I am just seeing these this morning. Sweet post. You and your family are what is all good and right in the world. Enjoy your day!