Monday, September 21, 2009

Foggy Monday Morning......

It was foggy up by the house but by the time I got out to get a pic it had moved off some...It has been very foggy the last several days. Yesterday it was after 9am and still dense fog in a lot of places on our way to church... A horse named Joe.....Since I started posting old pics.. Thought I would post another.. This was a horse that My Pawpaw's family raised when he was a kid. He was stallion they used for their work horses. They would take him to county fairs to show and said they usually won champion. Before Pawpaw died he made sure my oldest got this picture because she was so in love with horses. She does have the original pic and I kept a copy.
When Pawpaw was a kid they would work on farms for rent of the house. He grew up in the 1930's. He said they raised all their food and what little bit of cash they had to have came from his mom teaching during the day. His dad was sick most of time and did what he could. I don't know what was wrong with him but I know he was in bed alot... My mom has told me before but I can't remember right now.
Pawpaw was one of the youngest kids and he can remember even at 3 yrs old working around the farm. His job was to tote water to various animals.. He said they were always happy to go to school because it meant a break from work.. Pawpaw had a great work ethic though.. He retired at one point and with in a few months was working again. He was a Walmart door greeter for several years and people loved him. You couldn't help but love him! He worked up till a few months before he died when he couldn't work anymore. He was a quiet sweet man who is missed very much..
Okay got to get going.. I hope everyone has a Great Monday!!!!


small farm girl said...

What a beautiful horse!

It's nice to get stories from older relatives. There is a lot of family history there.

Carolyn said...

That horse photo is amazing. I love old photos...and foggy mornings.

tree ocean said...

What a stallion! They don't make 'em like that anymore-or your Paw Paw! Sounds like an amazing man!

LOL foggy over in town-you have a great spot up on the hill it looks like!

Rural Rambler said...

Nice hearing about your Pawpaw, it sounds like he was a very good man. Joe is a very nice horse. He certainly has the classic stallion neck! He has a good healthy shine going on too. I can see how he would take home the ribbons at the fairs!

Been foggy here too and we are having one heck of a storm right now.