Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another Whirlwind Weekend!!!

It started with Me and Kyla taking the day Friday for just the 2 of us.. She is my middle baby and if I am not careful she wont get the time she needs from mom and dad. Even though she is a twin you see definite signs of birth order with my girls. We had a lot of fun. She is modeling her new sunglasses! We drove 5 miles for a yard sale, did the grocery shopping and visited a few stores we hadn't been to yet..

We saw the miniature horses again.. She had to take another picture. They were spread out this time.
The view of our town from a distance on the way home!! We are loving it here!

My talented Hubby!!! He matched this to our porch swing and built it..

Got it finished today.. Now he just needs to make one like that but double and then with the swing there will be seats for the whole family on the front porch!!I was also given a wedding picture of my grandparents!! This is My Pawpaw and Mawmaw Curtis. She died when I was 7 years old from cancer.. But I remember her well. He died a little over 2 years ago. They are both missed very much!! They were the sweetest people and I never doubted I was loved by them and all their family could say the same. Okay I didn't get many pics of everyone together and what I did have I messed up somewhere when I took them. I think I had the camera on a certain setting and didn't realize it till later. Anyway We went to my Aunt and Uncle's house Friday night for Crawfish Ettouffee that my Aunt Debbie from Louisiana fixed when she got here! Its was good and so was the company!! I got to see cousins I hadn't seen in a while that couldn't come last time.
Then today they all came here for supper. Some left for Louisiana tonight and my great Uncle Dale who is brother to my Pawpaw in the pic above is still here but going to see more of the family tomorrow. He is 84yrs old and in his life has run marathons and such. I think they said he had run 25,000 miles!! He had to quit running a few years ago though and now walks daily.. He is a sweetheart and is a lot like Pawpaw in temperament. He sits back and watches alot..
It so quickly comes to an end.. I hate to see everyone go......


Anke said...

Your hubby is a very talented craftsman! It is a beautiful peace and I bet you are very proud of him.

Rural Rambler said...

Tonia it sounds like you had a wonderful weekend with family, we did too. I consider us lucky that we enjoy being with family, not everyone is blessed that way.

Your hubby did great on the chair and a double plus the swing will make the porch an even better place to take more front porch pictures. I love your front porch picture views!

We have almost 3 inches of rain in the rain gauge this morning! My friend from Springfield said it poured there all day long.

I love the vintage picture of your Pawpaw and Mawmaw and the story about Uncle Dale-25,000 miles, whoa!

Gail said...

I love the chair, talent showing here!

It is so wonderful to have a day out with each child. Making good memories!

Martha Ann said...

Thank you for your great photo of Ethel! I enjoy reading your blog and undoubtedly will find many other posts and photos to link to in the future.

Many blessings,

Martha Ann

TJ said...

What a beautiful chair!

You are a wonderful mom to take time to spend with each child. I'm sure they will remember it for years and years!

kestrel said...

Family reunions bring back so many memories and i am glad you had a good one. I like the colour of the wood of the chair - we usualy get the brown tones here, yours is almost naturally white. what is it?

Goat Creek Grandma said...

Your husband is so talented! The chair looks great. It looks like things have changed so much for the better since last year. I love the pictures of your new home.

Take Care,

~Tonia said...

Thank you for the comments everyone!!
My husband is very talented when it comes to putting things together. IF it was me building it would probably be lopsided for sure among other problem!... LOl He used Pine lumber for most of it thats why its so white the other is weathered so a little gray like my swing It will eventually weather too. But I have an outdoor shiny brown paint I may use on both the swing and the chair.. I dont know yet. It would help keep it.
The family was a lot of fun!
Thank you TJ.. I try to do my best. Thats all I can do.
The time with each girl helps me sort out their individual needs alot. And to know what they are thinking about things going on with out input from each kid at the same time. So they know I am focusing on them alone and wont be distracted by what the others are saying.
My girls are close in age and look alot alike but are so very much an individual in alot of things.The twins are night and day most of the time but are very attached to each other.
Thank You Martha Ann for posting my pic on your website!!I feel so cool!! Wanna see a neat site on goats go Visit Great site!!

Things have changed drastically for us in the last few months we are so much more relaxed and focused back on our family where it needs to be. Not trying to please other impossible to please people...
Even though I had surgery and all that its still been such a relief. We absolutely love this place!

~Tonia said...

Oh and RR I know I do have family that is not such a blessing to be around! Its more of a Serious trial!! I love them but its not fun and I am glad its not immediate family!