Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekend **Warning Lots Of Pictures!**

We got the chicken "house" built.. I use that term loosely and you will see why.. So here is the goat barn with its additional hay rack and the rabbits on the back side. They are were the goats cant get to them but easy to get to and shelter when it gets colder out.. Goats emptied the new hay rack last night because You Know its better hay..(Same stuff as always) And here is my New Chicken house!! Its constructed the same as the goat barn and took about 2 hours. The big difference between the goat barn and the chicken house is the chicken house has chicken wire covering it too. So nothing can get through to my chickens. They only have one roost right now and after they are use to roosting in there I will let them out some during the day. After they lay their eggs for the day and eat. Otherwise I will have goats eating chicken food and chickens eating goat food! I still had one whole panel and 2 pieces left to help with my baby pen for next year. They will have the little metal hut for shelter. Works real well for babies!

One massive pile of rocks we saw on our drive today.. Rock piles are common in Missouri but I have never seen one this big.. Old farmers would pick up rock and pile them in the woods or other places out of the field. But what some one didn't tell them is Missouri Grows rocks!!

First signs of fall... NOOOO I am not ready for it!!! not yet!

Touch-me-nots. On our drive today down this gravel road they were all along the road side. I haven't ever seen so many in one spot...

Every time I see this pic I think " Cant see the forest because of the trees'...We found a new place to go... This cave is part of it.. We are going back next weekend more prepared.

Part of the trail leading Up to the cave......The brave ones in the family who dared to go up in Flip flops! Kara and I weren't brave enough!
Part of the river by the cave....

More of the river and A rope swing(to the right in the pic)!!... I don't know if I am brave enough for that anymore Its been a Loooooong time...

More of the river! We are going back prepared to go to the cave and to go fishing! It will be one of the field trips for the girls this year.. I hope we see some bats in the cave!

Along the drive on the way home. Some late blooming Black-eyed Susanne's. They would be all the yellow in the pic...

And guess what Another pic of the view from my front porch!!! Lol This morning was so cool and peaceful!!
I may possibly get not One but Two strawberries this year!!lol
A month ago this was over their heads in leafy green food. I refuse to call them weeds because goats love them! Now they are looking at me like where did it all go?? There is more in there they just don't want to eat the grass and clover coming up under that. We have more fence to build too.. Then they will have at least twice as much room! I have less than 2 weeks till surgery and I have everything just about set.. Its a little nerve wracking but I am sure it will be okay.. We will be going back next weekend to the cave and river and then the girls are going with grandparents and cousins for a few days to camp out. They are excited.
I hope to get to go visit a good friend sometime this week! We have a lot in common the main thing is Goats!! Lol We are together 5 minutes and it goes to goats.... Hmmm I have a couple of friends like that.. LOL...
I hope everyone has a good night!


Carolyn said...

I hope everything goes well with your surgery.

The river looked beautiful.

small farm girl said...

Oh I love to explore caves! There are a lot of them where we live. I can't refuse a good cave. :)

Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Awesome cave! Looking forward to hearing more about it. I am jealous of the Touch Me Nots (Jewelweed)! I bought seed and planted some... I may have one that took but I am not sure yet. I want to make soap with it. Best wishes for your surgery!

~Tonia said...

Okay looked it up. Its not Jewel weed even though Jw comes in a variety of colors.. It doesnt come in yellow.. We have always called them Touch-me-nots because when you touch them the leaves close up. Thats what my Grandmother called them.
Anyway technichally they are Partridge peas.. There is a bunch of them though and I was always told it was toxic to animals But it says it provides food in the winter for deer adn other animals..

tree ocean said...

Best wishes for your surgery going well!

Looks like a beautiful place to live!

Do you ever "walk " your goats? Time consuming..takes about 40 minutes for mine to stuff themselves but saves throwing them hay this time of year, although I still do just not as much.

PS how do you dose with DE? I was told a teaspoon per goat for three days with their grain, does that sound right? (can email me)

tree ocean said...

Jennifer, jewelweed likes wet clay soil..I'll send you some of mine!!! Yikes! The hummingbirds like it but I never heard of soap...or rub on poison ivy rash.

Sorry Tonia, I see your is not jewelweed...partridge peas, is that like a wild senna? Might be laxative..

Awesome cave! Dress warm and if you see bats see if they have white on their faces. A spread of "white nose disease" in bats that you may want to report sitings to F & W in MO. Not harmful to humans just wiping out bats, cause unknown.

~Tonia said...

I had heard of using it for soap and poison ivy its in one of my books for herbal remedies. You break the stem and put it where you have come in contact with poison ivy. Even though some people would have to coat themselves in it after say piling up brush they didnt know it had poison ivy in it.
I havent taken my goats for walks yet but considering it.. me and the girls=4 people.. I have 9 goats.. I would have to lead 3 and the girls 2 each. We have a highway close by that I am scared to death something will get too and get hit if loose. I am considering cutting it and taking it to them though..

Rural Rambler said...

Tonia you shouldn't say "warning lots of pictures" you should say "lots of pictures, enjoy!" I love the pictures and the reflections in the river are awesome and while I don't know much about goats(I am learning from your blog)they look sleek, healthy and happy! Fun, great post!

We were able to get 12 strawberries, a certain red squirrel beat us to the best berries.

Your porch view would never get old and while I don't want summer to hurry up and go I can hardly wait to see the autumn view from your porch. Tonia do you have any Sassafras? We have quite a bit and it is beautiful in the fall.

~Tonia said...

Thank You RR! Goats are an Addiction! lol I cant wait to see how my strawberries go next year.
I dont have any Sassafras close that I have seen so far. I love the smell of it though.. That may be something to try and plant in my yard.. I know it turns colors early. I love fall but I am just not quite ready for it this year! Of course with the heat today it didnt feel like fall!