Sunday, August 23, 2009

Visits and New Things....

This is the new Lasagna style strawberry bed.. I am looking at using the Lasagna style gardening for this hillside yard. Its layered with several different things. I have been reading the book Lasagna Gardening By Patricia Lanza... very interesting!!! Worth a try!!If nothing else I will have several piles of compost laying around...
Our little guard dog!! Hobo at her new post out by the chickens!! She barks big enough to sound like a dog 10 times her size. I hate to see her tied up but that's better then her being dinner for the dogs next door Or road kill.. She doesn't understand that though...
All but one goat is in this pic.. I went to visit them tonight why everyone was watching the Nature Show.. They are looking so good I think they miss me though.. They would eat a little and then swing around to see if I was still there and come up to me for a scratch behind the ears.Dottie and Sunshine are the ones facing the camera and are on opposite ends of body types.. Sunshine the Scrawny one Never I mean Never gets fat!! and Dottie well she is my full figured goat!! lol She is not pregnant! Believe me when she is she barely fits through the door.. She loves her food!! But she is one of my healthiest girls. Very few problems ever!!This is Hope(black) and April(brown) one of my Mother/Daughter pairs. They are so pretty.. Okay none of them are ugly to me.. Its like asking a mom if you think her kids are ugly?? Nope they aren't never!!

My other Mother/Daughter pair... Dottie(black and white spots) and Ethel (Red and white spots)..
Mariah.. So cute but Sooooo Rotten!!! Little Darlin'!
Lined up feeding their face.. You know they are starving!!From left to right its Sasha, Abby, April, Hope, Vanilla, and Mariah.
Here is Sasha eating from the Other side... Its like grass on the other side of the fence it taste better for sure.. She is the one that broke her foot right before fair time and she is doing great you can barely tell which one its slightly enlarged still but not bad at all.. She is a brat too!!
Mariah and Ethel. Mariah is just 6 months old and is already almost as tall as her.
Vanilla the little brat who is getting talked out of the freezer.. He was suppose to be meat this winter.. But he is so sweet and very obedient Especially for a wether. We are thinking of trying to train him to pull a cart or carry a pack. He is only 6 months old right now and we wont start for a while. He will be big because he is a Nubian/Kiko cross. Stinker!! Nothing else he will be a companion to our future buck I will be getting this next spring..

Sitting on the front porch this morning I told Kyle this is going to be the Longest 6 Weeks of my life!!! I am having the hardest time with not doing anything... You can only sit on the porch for so long.. My books aren't holding my interest.. I think my pain meds make me grumpy too!!! I was out to long yesterday and I was so tired then but couldn't sleep!! I finally fell asleep Late last night and then slept til 10 am this morning!! OMGoodness that is way to late to be sleeping.. I know I know I am recovering and all that and Blah blah blah... Lol I talked to my mom this afternoon and she asked if I had over done it.. I was like not really. Kyle heard her ask and starts hollering Yes she has!! Meanies!! Always tattling on me!! Ooo I am a bit whiny huh? Sorry about that..
Kyle and the girls went to a Junior rodeo last night. They had fun and left at around midnight and it was still going on.. Poor kids! Kyle talked to the fire chief and he is going to join the local volunteer fire department.. He goes to a meeting next week and then he has to apply but the chief said I don't see a reason why they would refuse him. He wants him to bring all of us Next Tuesday night to meet everyone.. Hmm This ought to be interesting!!
Have a good evening everyone! I am going back to stare at the ceiling above my bed.. Maybe It will start talking to me(ignore this sentence its just the pain pills talking)Lol...


Carolyn said...

At least you're keeping up with blogging :)

I love all the goat photos. You're girls are beautiful.

Gail said...

Your photos are wonderful. Hope your pain subsides.

tree ocean said...

Goats look great! I like the strawberry bed, too. And the wether-I like the wethers and bucks almost more than the moody girls,,,except I have a wether right now that is looking tasty! LOL. Butthead, literally.

Sometimes codeine can wind you up and make you edgy. Unless you take lots, of course. Maybe soon you can switch to plain non-narcotic advil, tylenol or motrin or whatever the doc recommends.

Too bad you couldn't have gotten Netflix (never tried it) but you could sit around and watch movies!!! :D

PS what is that small shelter made of? And do you ever have the goats climb on top of the barn and collapse it, or I think you said you also have rebar in there?

~Tonia said...

That shelter is one heck of a deal. This size cost about $100 they have bigger ones and some with backs and doors. My dad gave me this one. Its had pigs, chickens, dogs,goat bucks and babies in it. We have used it for a lot of different things Its made of metal kind of looks like tin but thicker and they call them quioncent(sp?) or Port-a-huts. This one is about 10 yrs old at least.My dad got it from an auction.
That will be either baby hut this year or the new buck house next year.. They can climb on it and everything and it doesnt break. They cant reach the top of the big barn its something like 12-15 ft high. I dont remember. Its been flipped over by the wind once when it wasnt tied down but it didnt even dent it.. You can do a search for Port-a-huts and find them..
I have never had a Well behaved wether!! lol Had one that would jump a 5 ft fence like a deer... One that would go under any fence even if it knocked the snot out of him!!lol Vanilla is the first that has behaved.. Now I say that and I will be chasing him down the road!!
I Do have Netflicks and I can even watch online but I am not much of a movie person.. lol GO figure.. We mailed the last ones in Saturday and it will be tomorrow before they mail new ones out.. I guess when I say I would like some time to do nothing I lied!! This is for the Birds!!
I have been switching out the heavy duty pain pils with advil and Aleve on Doctors orders and just take the big ones at night. But I rarely take any of it before so it really affects me.Lol Maybe by the end of this week I can do away with the pain meds completely. Its not hurting as much and I got better rest the last 2 nights..