Friday, August 14, 2009


I am home and doing great. I stayed about 36 hours for observation. Everything went as planned. I only have 3 small incisions and of course I am sore. I can do No Lifting whatsoever for 6 weeks!! Kyle, my mom and the girls are keeping everything taken care of.. It doesn't take much to make me tired. But he told me to keep moving just not to strenuous or heavy stuff. I asked if I could milk a goat he said Only Supervise!!lol Of course I reassured him we had it all under control and I wouldn't be milking any goats!! But 6 weeks is a Long time. But at least I can drive if I am not on the pain meds he gave me which I haven't had much of those.. I don't like them and I am not hurting to bad. So only taking when they are needed.. I had great nurses and aids. Everyone took good care of me and I survived!!!lol I am actually feeling better already!Now I think I am going back to bed.. I have updated and will be back soon! Thank you everyone for remembering me! God is so good!


Rural Rambler said...

Wonderful news Tonia! My blogroll did not update that you had updated, glad I rambled over and checked on you. Also glad all went well and that you are doing well with little pain. Just take care and let others take care of you, hard I know :)

tree ocean said...

My blogroll hasn't updated either so I thought I would check! Glad to hear you are home! Try and think of it as an enforced vacation! You have to sit back and put your feet up for six weeks! Get out the shades and the lawnchair and a tall glass of iced tea and enjoy your view!

small farm girl said...

Glad to hear you are doing well. A lot of prayers went your way. Now is the hard part, not doing anything around the house. But hey, you can always blog. lol. Get well soon.

Goat Creek Grandma said...

Glad to hear your feeling pretty good. Be sure to follow the doctors advice and let DH and kids handle things. :)


Warren said...

Glad to hear things went well. Six weeks will pass before you know it, take advantage of it!

Best wishes