Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pears, Goats and Friends!

But first a cute little tree frog.. He was a little ticked we disturbed him....
In this pic is our New hometown... You cant really see it thought because it was later in the afternoon and the sun was interfering with the camera.. But Its lots of hills and few white specks that make up our town...

Now on to the visit with my friend Joy... This is her friendly cat that loves to be petted.. This is his spot in the garden... He was quite comfortable. He was a stray that came up hurt and she got him all fixed up and he repays in loving and being very social!!

And this is Ivy... Not a very good pic but she kept moving.. But I think she absolutely Gorgeous and this isn't my favorite coloring on the Nubian's.. But she is almost solid black except for the white you see here and some on her body. She is just a sweetheart. I tease Joy that I am going to stick her in my van or a box of pears while picking and she will never know!!lol She is also a very big goat. Long body and just beautiful!
I don't remember this girl's name but she is a cutie!!! She loves attention too. Reminded me of my Sunshine in how she picks out people to show her affection too by Rubbing all over them!lol

And this is a gift to me from Joy!! I just mentioned last time I was out there that I loved the Crepe Myrtle and wondered how you would start it... Well This is what she had for me! This is no start either!! Its bright pink too!! I think its in the perfect spot too. It was in the shade early this morning but will be in full sun the rest of the day. I cant wait for it to grow!! I also got my roses and Snowball bush planted finally

This is my friend Joy, 2 of my girls, and 2 of her goat babies this year. They are only 4 months old almost 5 but huge boys!!! They are wethers and they are out of the very first goat baby I ever sold... Who is a stinker!lol Sassafras or Sassy as Joy calls her is the herd queen and can be a little grumpy. She had her hair all raised up at us and all bowed up like "Don't you mess with my stuff!"Lol But she had beautiful babies.Ivy asking to share Candice's pears!My Mother in law, the girls and Joy moving the pears she picked from the roof side of the tree. We wasn't able to reach half of them but I got about 3 full boxes. We ran out of paper to layer them with so the last 2 boxes equal one of the first.. I am going to make something with them.. Just not sure what yet....On the way home it was a little herd of Miniature horses.. One full grown paint mare. She was so pretty out there leading the rest around.. It was such a pretty herd of about 15+horses. We had to have a picture. But the pic didn't do them justice really.....
It was a lot of fun yesterday. Joy is always such a sweet person to be around!! It was good company with her, my girls and my Mother-in-law. She has lots of "babies". Her animals all love her so much you can tell. She is a talented lady too. She made a quilt for the Summer reading program at the library and has done it for the last 5 years.. It was neat. I don't have a picture of it but I think quilting in any form is an art that takes patience for sure and she adds imagination!..
Oh and we also stopped at the farmers market in Mt. Grove. I got a chunk of bees wax, some raw honey, little zucchini and squash, and a daylilly that will be a Bright yellow with ruffled edges.. All for less than $15!
I am feeling much better I quit taking pain pills all together and started back on some natural stuff to get back to a normal sleep pattern and help cleanse all the toxins from the meds out so I don't feel so yuck. Its helping alot. I am going to start milking tomorrow but the girls will be carrying everything for me. Because going out we for sure carry more than 10 lbs of stuff.
Kyle found out Friday that he will be laid off for at least a week if not 2.. Its not that they don't have any work but that the jobs aren't ready due to normal construction delays. Which he hasn't been laid off at all and they kept cutting back on bricklayers in the last few months. So we were blessed with that... We don't get regular vacation so this will be like one for him and we will be okay $$ wise. I am working on a Honey-do list!! Lol He said one thing he is Not getting up early.... Well he normally gets up at 4am so 7 am is his sleeping in..Lol
Okay well I have to get going.. Have a great Sunday everyone!!


tree ocean said...

Thanks for sharing your visit-it's like being there, too! :)

What a beautiful bush-I have not seen that here...

I wish I had canned those pears I got last year-I tossed too many, but know you won't waste them like I did!

Honey-do list, LOL!

Rural Rambler said...

Tonia your picture of the goats, sweet. The kitty sweet too. The frog and your sky pic cool. BUT, your Myrtle-I am loving that you have one!!!

~Tonia said...

Rural-I was thrilled with the myrtle bush!!
Tree- I think its a warmer climate bush. It will get very tall. The tag says about 12 ft tall and 10 ft wide. So its in a spot to grow! They come in several shades of pinks and some one said they saw a white one but I havent ever seen it.. Pinks are the common color.
I am thinking of making some vinegar too... But I got to have some mother from another vinegar to get it started.. So many possibilities. They are Bartlets so have to rest for 3-5 days before doing anything with them.

small farm girl said...

Sooner or later I'm going to get me a milk goat. Do you have a favorite breed?

~Tonia said...

Oh my!! You opened a can of worms when you asked me about goats!!Lol Just Kidding..
I do have favorite breeds. The Nubians are my absolute favorite! I get lots of milk, they have a lot of color, Long ears and great personality(thats an individual goat thing though).
I always said I would Never have a Lamancha till I visited a friend's farm She had Lamanchas and we ended up with 3! And they are a lot like the Nubians I have in size, color and milk production just No Ears!
If I had to pick a 3rd I would go with the Saanan. They are rather bland when it comes to color because they are white and thats it. Unless you happen to get a Sable out of them and I think that is rare.. They are like the Holsteins of the dairy goats. Ltos of milk but not as creamy as the others. The rest never caught my attention like these 3 breeds did. Then you have the crossbreds that are great too!
Oh and the Nigerian dwarfs are dairy goats and some people are crossing them with bigger breeds to get Mini's..
Okay thats probably more goat info then you wanted to know but there it is!!lol

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures!

Amy (my new blog place).

tree ocean said...

I like Alpines as pets and a big goat dairy or two around here uses them, so I guess they are great milkers too.

I pretty much like all, but I agree with Tonia about the small ears...oh, and the fainting goats are sort of strange-I guess I feel sorry for both of them!

I think I am partial to long ears, but I prefer horns too. :P

(not recommended with the dairy breeds )