Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Momma And Daddy....

This is them 10 years ago at their 25th wedding anniversary. They don't like their pictures taken so I have very few especially of them together. Lots of them with grand kids in their laps!
Yes I am 34 years old and still call my parents Momma and Daddy! Its a family thing.. I love them very much. They have been there for us through thick and thin. When I made bad choices as a teenager they helped me pick up and move on. They always supported my decisions and helped me live with the consequences of my choices. Didn't do it for me but offered their love and support. They find the good in every situation.
I am an independent person. Apparently since I was a baby I was doing for myself and my brother!!lol How he lived with me I will never know!
Since I have had my surgery my mom of course stayed with the girls while I was in the hospital. Kyle and the girls are doing most of it. So she comes and helps the girls get things done. She has made sure we have had supper or at least an easy fix for supper. She also drove me to where I needed to go so I wouldn't get to tired and hurt myself. She has been here through the week and my Mother-in-law has showed up on the weekends to cook something and clean up after wards! I am going to get spoiled!!
Momma is at her best taking care of someone. Its her nature. My dad supports her and helps her. She has cared for both of her parents when they weren't physically able and also my Grampie when he had Alzheimer's. They would take care of as much as the rest of the family allowed till he died. They are definitely doer/fixer type people and not the "sitting around boo hooing wishing things were different" type of people..
She knows me well and tries to help me organize but we realized years ago that we are on opposite ends of the organizing spectrum! Lol She is quick to put everything in its place and a place for everything.... I am ... Well lets just say I am not like that I am more like my dad we like our organized piles!! My brother got that organizing talent(Slightly OCDlol)!!
When I had 3 babies in Diapers she was a life saver!! She would show up send me to take a shower and a nap. In that time she would clean my house and get kids ready to go home with her for me to have a break.. More than likely it probably saved our marriage all those years ago when we were so tired we didn't know whether we were coming or going..
Now does this mean they are perfect... Noo We have had our disagreements over the years they are few and far between. But they definitely do happen. I know when its my turn to care for them I will do it to the best of my ability and that goes for Kyle's parents too. Our family will not be put in nursing homes or left to fend for themselves if something should happen. I don't care if I have to stack them knee deep in my house.. (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory comes to mind with All the Grandparents living with them.)We always joke that since My parents are younger then most parents with kids my age we will end up in the nursing home together.. Hey it happens I worked there and seen it!!Lol
But I am Thankful for the family God blessed me with whether it s the one I married into or the one I was born into. They love us and support our decisions. They help us when needed and love us all the time. Hopefully we can always be there and return the favor.
I also tend to get sidetracked... I was going to make it short and sweet and more less tell them Thank you and.. well... Now you all get to read all this... Lol All well that's what happens when I don't have much else to do.. Okay Now going to go finish those papers for 4H with the girls!! They are pretty much done.. I hope... I haven't checked on them in a few and its quiet.. They probably slipped outside I cant blame them its so nice out.......


Gail said...

It is wonderful to have such loving parents. Mine are both gone and I still call them Momma and Daddy.

Rural Rambler said...

Tonia this is a beautiful post, *sigh*. And like Gail mine are both gone and there are times I would do almost anything to have them back for a day. You are doing it right, there won't be any ambivalent feelings. What a great relationship you have :) with them. It makes me a little teary in all the right ways! Take care Tonia and continue to enjoy your relationship with your Momma and Daddy. You are so lucky to have them still! And they are lucky to have you and your family, brightens my day!

Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

I am glad to hear you are doing well and have so much help! :) I cracked up at the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory comment because that is exactly my plan for hubby and my parents...and I have told them that they will all be in a bed foot to foot just like in the movie! :) LOL Now, wether they'll go along is a different story all together. (((hugs)))

Sandy@American Way Farm said...

It's wonderful to have such great parents, and wonderful for them that you appreciate them so much. When my daughter is sick she always says "I want my Mommy." And Mommy loves to be there for her as well. Glad to hear you're doing well. Keep healing and God bless.

Mandy in Mayberry said...

Just wanted to say thanks for becoming a follower of my blog! I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by!

I've enjoyed browsing through yours and I love this post! My parents are young too. I'm 33 and my mom is 51.

R Dean "SlowDog" said...

Hey Tonia, great blog! Your folks sound like very caring people! I enjoyed reading that!

Can't wait to read about your goats! We have contemplated getting some, but first..chickens!

Our county fair is going on right now, so hopefully I'll learn more about livestock after this weekend!

Thanks for stopping by my blog too!

R Dean