Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Girls Found A Friend!

Basically under a rock!!! Gotta look close!
So of course they had to catch it....Yes we made sure it wasn't a poisonous snake Before anyone touched it!My brave children!! You wouldn't catch me doing that!! EVER!!I mean EVER!! I let them because they think the snakes are to cool! But they know what the poisonous ones look like and if they aren't sure they get me or their dad to see and make sure. If there is any doubt they don't touch it..
But this was a little Salt and Pepper king snake. Not a bad thing to have around. Of course he is probably long gone now due to the traumatizing afternoon!Lol
We had a little bit of a scare with Kara's rabbits yesterday too. Its been so cool lately that we haven't had to worry to much about them getting to hot. Well they got to hot yesterday. They were panting which that in itself is no biggie but one had wet around her mouth and they were not moving around much at all and were all stretched out..
So we put ice in their water bowls, put fresh ice bottles in and put a fan on them. Then Kara used wet rags to wipe their ears down. Its part of their cooling system as the blood is pumped through their ears it cools down. With in 30 minutes they were moving around and acting better.
So all is good with them. Shooo!
We are starting on the end of the year 4H project papers today.. SO they can get those done and turned in before my surgery. One less thing to worry about!
I hope everyone has a great day!!


Rural Rambler said...

OK, about the snake. I welcome them to hang around outside our house and property but I wasn't overly thrilled when some very young ones found their way into our finished basement. I am not sure I could grab and hold one, if someone handed me one, well, maaaybee...

Glad your bunnies are feeling better, got a break from the heat yesterday at our place. But the heat isn't going to be fun today!

I will be glad for you to get your surgery out of the way!

Enjoy your country day!

Carolyn said...

I was like that when I was a girl. I loved all the creepy crawlies.

~Tonia said...

Carolyn people are amazed by my girls!! Lol And the way they love creepy crawly stuff.... They flip more rocks looking for stuff! But I never showed fear of it when they were little and encourage their natural curiosity of all of it. But they know to be careful because we do have some poisonous creepies here. THey absolutely Love lizards though.
Rural Rambler the Only snake I have ever held was one of those Green Snakes they are neat little guys and Very very harmless! I am very ready for my surgery to be done and over with!!