Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just a Swingin'....

Kyle hung my porch swing last night! Yeah I love it!
The sunset from the swing last night.....

One pretty Gerber daisy in an arrangement from a sweet friend while I was in the Hospital.. It had all different colors!
Brown-eyed Susan in the goat pen.. Only reason they are still there and not ate is the goats cant get to them yet!!

The strawberries!! LOL They will go a long way....
The Passiflora in the yard.
Sweet peas and Passiflora in the goat pen or on the fence really.. I over did it the day before yesterday and so I paid for it yesterday.. What shocked me was I didn't think I had and couldn't figure out what was wrong really. Until I sat and thought about it. Then was Like oh I was up quite a while with out resting much... SO I feel a little better today.
My mom has been coming every few days to help the girls and check up on us. She helps cook something for supper and makes sure everything is okay. She took the girls home with her for the night so they can go to church tonight. We have Shared Learning tomorrow in town. It will be a long day for me.. I hope I do okay with it..
Friday she is coming back to help Kyla and Kara organize their room. They have decided one big bed is not for them.. Kyla is a restless sleeper and Kara has decided she cant handle it!!lol So they are dividing their room and re-organizing.. Nana is the best there is for organizing!! I hadn't had a chance before my surgery to help them and of course after I cant move anything.
The girls have been doing a great job taking care of things otherwise.. Of course they are still kids and I have to remind them of some of it but they really are doing a great job.
All the goats are showing signs of their first Heat for the year!! Crabby and Craving!! At least I know they will start coming in with out a buck close by. They have to hold off for a while though. I am not bringing a buck in until End of November.. I am going for March/April babies. No heat lamps hopefully by then!!
Okay that's all I have for now.. Going to go rest for a while... Stare at the ceiling some more.. lol


Sandy@American Way Farm said...

What a lovely, inviting swing. I just love to relax on the porch in the evening, sip some lemonade, and unwind from the day. Take care of yourself, Tonia. If you don't overdo you'll get back on your feet faster.

TJ said...

Wonderful photos! Our goats are showing their first signs of heat, too. Like you, we are aiming for March/April babies! We didn't like using a heater in the barn a few years ago!

Carolyn said...

I hope you feel better soon. That front porch swing looks wonderful.