Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cave Crawlin'

So here is the first place we went.. We were going to go in the cave and fish a little but it was in the 90's and very hot. So we went in the cave and then went and visited 2 more caves! We measured how deep the water is here about 4 foot from the bank it was around 12 feet deep.The opening of the first cave from the inside. Its about a 4 ft drop out there!! With a little bit of step to it.. Going up into the cave.. Candice my tallest kid is standing behind that dead tree see the little spot of red?...There was another little cave along the bluff.. It wasn't very big at all..And it was infested with spiders that looked like the spiders from Arachnophobia!!! YUCK!!! We didn't stay long! The gray looking stuff all over is water droplets every where. It was foggy and cool in the cave too. Much better than sitting on the river bank melting!
My Brother-in-law Keith went with us.
We found life in there!! Lol A little Salamander about 4 inches long. He was black with white spots and had lost his tail before.

A hole over our heads in one part! It goes way up there. Don't ask me how far I am not good at gauging distances in feet especially.

Getting ready to fall.. I mean crawl out of the cave!! It wouldn't have been so bad if my legs hadn't been so short.....and round....!lol
A little toad on the way back.. You know my girls they had to Ooo and Aaah over every little creature!!

GOLD!! ... well not really just little flecks of something that looks like it.. It was pretty though
Second cave.... It shrunk to this small of an area but had a groove you could walk mostly upright in... Of course my kids decided to take the short cut!.
Looking down at a little water fall...

Leaving Cave #2... You could feel the air warm up the closer we got to the entrances.
Another little TINY salamander before we left cave #2....
Just to cool.......Cave #3 and the biggest!! Some boy scouts went in before we did.. Some of them show up in a pic towards the end... This cave was MUDDY and had a good size strem flowing through it!!!One of the 3 bats we saw. But due to the fog in the cave I couldn't get a real clear pic of them..

Slipping and a Sliding!!! It was SLICK!!! It was clay basically. Reminded me of what we used in High school to throw pottery with.. It was safer to walk in the water but not everyone wore waterproof boots.

And leaving the cave... The farthest person in the pic is one of the boy scouts he was covered from head to toe in red clay!! From what I understand this cave used to be closed off and you had to come by appointment only because of certain bats that lived there.. Apparently they don't live there anymore... We didn't go very far back in this one because you have to cross a good sized stream and since not everyone was prepared to do that we turned back.. And we were getting tired and it was getting later in the day... We had a lot of fun and plan on going again. I hadn't been in a cave for a long time. Its definitely the thing to do when its hot and humid outside.. It has a cool temp all the time.. Almost chilly depending on how deep you go! I had taken over 200 pics and of course I didn't post them all. Taken pics in the dark proves challenging... Some of them turned out well and some Not so well. But it was a day well spent! We are calling it our Cave Crawlin' Field Trip 2009!! It goes into the records for our homeschooling.. Its was extra special because it was more than momma they had Daddy and Their uncle Keith along! They usually have to work when something like this comes up...
The girls are leaving tonight to go camping with grand parents and cousins at the lake. They will be gone for 3 nights and then it will be time for my surgery... Oh Yeah..
Everyone have a great evening!


small farm girl said...

That sounds like sooooo much fun. We have a bunch of caves in the hills around us. We actually get our drinking water from one.

kestrel said...

That was a great set of photos that I could follow on your caving trip. I wouldn't dare go caving cos what happens if i get lost or can't find the way out again. Just watched Journey to the Centre of the Earth with Brendon Fraser as the scientist and there were tons of caves just like yours. They found diamonds, rubies and emeralds. But I can see you all had loads of fun.

~Tonia said...

We didnt go deep in these caves just maybe a 15 minute walk one way at the most. There are also no branching off were we went so it was a pretty easy in and out type thing. The biggest one we went into is suppose to reach a town over 50 miles away... Of course I will never find that out for myself because I am not going to be underground long enough to walk at least 50 miles with the way they twist and turn it could easily be twice that far underground..
The 2 bigger caves we went in has signs posted to wear hard hats, bring 3 sources of lights and one other thing I cant remember into the cave if you plan on an Extensive cave crawling experience. But we werent going that far in!!
There were so many pics I wanted to add I may do another post with some more in them. SInce I had so many.. I just have to look and remember what they were!! LOL

Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

What an amazing time! That is so cool! We were going to go over to Fingerlakes, by Columbia, and there is a cave tour there that includes hiking in with your canoe and then canoing an underground river! But teo of my kids were too young....have to be 14. I think I is so cool that these caves are open to the public!