Thursday, August 27, 2009

And More Critters!!!

Okay this isn't a critter just be patient!! This is the sunset the other night when we were sitting on our front porch In the Swing!... It was so neat!!!
Now the Critter!!! Kara caught a Skink lizard the other day. We usually see the ones with the blue tails and not these as often.. He?.. She? Whatever it was, was a feisty little fella!!
It had a hold of her real well!! I was trying to hurry!!lol Really!!! Anyway It was about 8 inches long and fat! It wasn't in the house long. When they get that big they look to much like a snake!!

I am still healing and I get to go see the Doctor tomorrow.. Yeah Me... I am getting out a little more and feeling better. We have to go to town tomorrow. I am hoping to get to the farmers market too. I don't know if I will make it that long though!!

We have birthdays coming up at our house first of them is next week with my oldest Girl turning 13 !!! OMGooodness where does the time go.. She has been taller than me for a year.. I just hope she doesn't get to much taller!! everything is getting to short for her as it is!! Lol.. That's been the story of her life. She was 3 days old and her sleeper had already gotten to short. She was such a cutie... Okay still is just so grown up sometimes!

Anyway I decorate the cakes for their birthdays. Over the years I have made everything from Zebra stripes to butterflies to sharks!! But she said this year I could surprise her and so we are going to go a little more sophisticated... Okay just pretty not fancy.. We will see!! lol

We don't do a whole lot for the birthdays and I really wanted to have a big party for her 13th but with surgery I just cant do it.. So it will be family over, Barbecue, and lots of cake and ice cream!!
Oh speaking of Ice cream I found a good deal at the discount grocery store.. Its not real good for you But you have to have a treat now and then.. I found a gallon can of the hard shell for ice cream that they use at DQ... For 4Dollars!!! That will come in handy for the birthdays coming up!! Its like the Magic shell but for a lot less Money!! Lol I also stopped at a yard sale and got a 10 gallon aquarium with the light for $5 no filter but hey that's less then I would have to buy it new for.. I also got 3 Good spelling books for homeschool and a couple of other books! All for less then $3!! Yeah ME!! Then we visited the thrift store my Mother in Law, Debi volunteers at and I got the girls a bunch of t-shirts, jean skirts and jumpers(I don't remember how many It was 4 walmart bags stuffed full) All for the total sum of $12.50! Wooo hoo. I hate paying full price on anything! This stuff is perfectly good!
Oh and we are going to go pick pears at a friends house.. Well I get to supervise. I think I will just drool over her goat, Ivy! I will have to get permission to post a pic of her she is so pretty and the sweetest goat!! Of course she is a Nubian with long frosted ears. Just Beautiful! lol Yes I am talking about a goat!!..
I was tired when I got home this afternoon!! Now we have to be to town early tomorrow for my doctor's appointment in the morning. We have a few other things going on tomorrow.So that's it for me! Have a good night everyone!


R Dean "SlowDog" said...

Tonia, great sunset picture! A month or so back, I interrupted a snake eating a Tiger Salamander! Me, being the animal lover I am, rescued the salamander and relocated the snake! I have pics of it on my blog..LOL

Sounds like you are extremely busy, so take care and thanks again for visiting my blog!

R Dean

~Tonia said...

Boy I bet that snake was ticked!!lol You interupted the meal and took it away!!lol

waylandcook said...

Magic Shell Ice Cream Topping
1 − 6 ounce package chocolate chips
1/2 stick butter or margarine
1/4 cup vegetable oil
Melt chocolate chips and butter in a double boiler.
Add oil and mix in well. When dipped into, or spooned over
ice cream it will create a hard chocolate shell. just thought I would share. Nice blog been reading for a while now.

~Tonia said...

Thanks for the recipe!! That will come in handy when I dont have a gallon of it!! Thanks So much for reading my blog!!