Friday, July 10, 2009

The Way Things Are......

This is a little bit more of a serious post I guess maybe more personal then I usually post.. But the last year had been a pretty chaotic year With us trying to run the farm we were managing.. I am glad its over.. God has blessed us with this beautiful new home and its not been an easy road to get here..
But in the mean time the person we managed the farm for has said some very untrue things about us.. I wont go into everything but its basically just from her side and I hate not being able to tell my side of the story.. Since this is my blog I guess I can tell it... But to tell it all would require more space and time to read it than its worth really.
All I know is We are not dishonest and have never had a problem with people like I have with this person. Anyone who knows me or sees my animals Knows I would Not neglect them and if they Seem to be neglected there is a reason.
SO for those of you who may be on some of the same groups that this person is on and she is More than likely telling everyone what sorry shape we left her farm in. Please feel free to email me for my side of the story! My email is on my profile. I know she has done it on at least one forum.. Frankly I hope she decided to find her animals new homes or put them down unless she is actually going to put Real work into them instead of trying to hire out people to do her dirty work and then run Back to California and complain about them..

And This is all I will say about it...

Now I found a link I forgot I saved!!! Its rather interesting.. Its a frugal /homesteading link. It has all kinds of info.. Some of its common sense and some of its new to me Or a good refresher..
And here is a little friend Kara and Kyla picked up earlier!!I dont mind walking sticks this size.. Its when they get bigger they sort of well creep me out!!Lol

I am off to bed.. I have got to start getting to bed earlier!!


Goat Creek Grandma said...

Hi Tonia,

I started following your blog when you posted it on a group we are both on and while I don't know the story I know you had to be in a hard position there. Its gotta be hard to manage someone else's property and animals. I'm glad you got out of the situation and found yourself a beautiful home.

It sure sounds like the girls are enjoying it all. I haven't seen a walking stick in years. The last time we were camping I came across one of the biggest I've ever seen and it scared the crap out of me! *laughing*

Did you get any rain last night? From the sounds of it, we're getting ready to have a nice little thunderstorm right now.

Take Care,

small farm girl said...

If you don't have to have contact with this person, don't worry about what she says. If people want to believe these things about you, they just don't know you enough. Don't worry about them either. Just live the best life that YOU know how and let others dig their own holes. Now after saying that, the big walking sticks freak me out too.

tree ocean said...

So sorry to hear that you are getting backlash. I am sure anyone who follows your blog knows what great care you take of your animals! Your goats, bunnies, chix always look very happy and healthy! And how often you were re-fencing the pig area!

I will be sending you an email! Try not to let her get to you...

Kelle said...

{{{HUGS}}} I totally understand how it feels to be attacked and feel as if you haven't had your say. I'm so sorry this lady felt she had to take it to some boards and smear your family. You simply have to feel VERY sorry for this lady and know she will have to answer someday for her lies.
I blogged a bit about some of what we deal with on a daily basis, get this.... from my own parents. My Mom is a chronic liar, in fact she is so dilluted, she believes her own lies, seriously! She is always telling my Dad things we've said and yet we haven't even spoken to her other than simple yes or no answers for months. I understand about feeling the need to defend yourself against the lies. Our take, after much prayer is, in all of this the Lord knows what the truth really is and if anyone believes the lies, they are most likely people you don't want to associate with anyway.
Again, HUGS and keep your chin up and eyes focused and this will be forgotten sooner than later.

~Tonia said...

Thanks you all!! I am trying to not let it bother me. I know eventually the problem will go away.
We are getting quite a bit of rain. We had some yesterday and woke up to more this morning. Our yard went from brown to bright green.

Spinner said...

Since I started reading your blog, I felt like you were probably in a difficult situation there. It seemed to me that she watched your every online move. Glad to see that you are finally free.