Wednesday, July 22, 2009

They Did it!!!

But First some chicken pictures!!! Here is a few of my hens... A Barred Rock, Rhode Island Red and the Silver Spangled Hamburg.
Some of my Ameraucanas Hiding! Or so they think!!
The lone Silkie... I feel so sorry for him.. I just hope he doesnt feel the need to jump in the Goat water tub too!!...
My Brahma Rooster. He is such a sweet heart!

Ooo new dusting spot!!
Okay on with the story... I sent Kyla and Kara out to milk With OUT me this morning!! They did very well! I figured I had showed them all I could they were just going to have to do it.. Well they did. They milked Sunshine and April completely out! No Problems!! The rest of the chores are a breeze so I am not worried about that.
Hope and Dottie are drying up too. So the Sage oil mixed with a carrier oil is working! Yeah! I have used it 3 days in a row. It didn't get done today just keeping an eye on it to see what happens... But they are drying up well so far!
Its is beautiful out today. Its cool and the sun is shining! Oh and I won a $25 gift certificate!! Yeah!! I entered the drawing on this blog and its to this store I cant wait to try some of it!!
Okay That's it for today!! You all have a great Day!!


Carolyn said...

Wow! That's great. My daughter won't even try. My husband can hardly squeeze a cup or two out. But at least he's trying.

Cute chicken photos!

tree ocean said...

Nice chickens!

Rebakah Arnold said...

AWW good girls...My goats are pretty much all dried up.. I milked a little out of Cleo just cause I thought it'd be a little more comfy for her..I miss watching my chickens in a big pen but it'll still be a while till we build onto their's.. Did I tell you Big Bertha died?? I was kinda sad.. We still have lil Bertha..

Sandy@American Way Farm said...

It's always nice to have backup. Sounds like you've got a good crew there.

Rurality said...

Those are some nice-looking chickens. :)