Friday, July 17, 2009

Normal?? Is there such a thing?

Kara rescued this little Cactus. It was planted out the back door and looked to be on its last legs.. She put it in a pot and its was wilted looking and sad.. With in a day it had stood back up. This is her new thing House plants!! She has several going...
What we came home in yesterday!! We were in the farm store and I heard the wind!! So we headed out trying to beat it.. They said it was only moving at about 25 mph but I sure didn't out run it! It took us about twice as long to get home.. But I got my clover planted and it got a good soaking!! Woo Hoo!

One of my pepper plant showing its fruits! It has several now if it just gets big enough!

Newest picture of the humming birds. Well one of them!! Its the little female.

I am feeling more normal and not so stressed. We are starting to find our routine again here. After almost a year on the farm and all the stuff with it. We had started eating really bad. The whole point of the farm was to have better food available but if you don't have time to cook it whats the point? We had been eating a lot of fast food type things and it was showing in our health. I hadn't ever been so sick as I was this last year.
Now that we are moved I am back to stocking up and more able to get better things for us. I like to have enough groceries in the house that I don't have to go to the store more than every couple of weeks and after a few weeks I am almost back to that point. Of course our milk and eggs are here. So the only thing that is perishable and wont last that long is fresh fruit and bread.
Living where we are I now have access to several different towns to shop at! Which is great!! There are also discount grocery stores not to far away, Amish and health food stores. Plus several farmers markets!!
Then of course friends and family who have gardens and an over abundance are not refused!!! I will take any and all extra Zucchini and Squash!!
Okay I am out of here to go enjoy this Beautiful day!! We are having Lows in the 50's and highs in the 80's!! Its is sooooo nice...


small farm girl said...

Sounds like your getting back on track. Good luck. I hope you get to feeling better too.

Jenny said...

I can relate about the fast food. My husband and I have had some recent talks about this. Here we are trying to get our place sorted and garden and eggs and milk and raising our own meat. But the busier we get with all that, the more fast food we eat! As he said, it's a bit silly to be eating so much fast food when we are putting so much work into trying to raise our own healthy food. It's so easy to grab, though!