Monday, July 6, 2009

My Girls Did Really Well!!!

Talking to their daddy Right before they went into the arena. He couldn't be there and was very disappointed.
The goat girls after going out and investigating!! We got there and got set up and checked in then the girls took them around. It went much smoother than last year.
My girls with their ribbons. They had actual competition this year! That is a good thing!! Kara and Hope(the goat) got Champion Nubian Doe and then Over all Grand Champion Dairy Doe.
Candice and Abby(the goat) got Champion Crossbred Dairy Doe.
Kyla and Mariah(the goat) got Reserve Champion Crossbred Dairy Doe.
Kyla had a Silver Spangled Hamburg Hen that took first place in her class in the poultry show. Kara's little Dwarf Hotot Rabbit buck got 3rd place due to 2 little black spots on him. It was a lot of fun and a Long day!!!


Bethany said...

Yeah! Good job girls! Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Wow congratulations!!!!That is terrific!!!!!!!! :)


small farm girl said...

Great job!!! I'm proud of you myself.