Friday, July 17, 2009

More Hummingbird Pics!!!

So this isn't a bird picture but yet another of the view from our front porch. It faces Southwest.
And this isn't a bird picture either but the refrigerator pickles I made today.. Its a new thing I have never made them before.. SO we will see but they are pretty to look at!lol

Finally a decent picture of the little male humming bird.. He is very suspicious of us. He never would get a sip. He watched us the whole time I was trying to get his picture.. The female will come down even if we are talking.. But he fusses at us the whole time in between eating!!

Here she is! Watching and alert but nothing is keeping her from the free food...Lol!
The weather is absolutely wonderful right now. Lows in the 50's and highs in the 80's!! We got some things done out side. I put up panels to let the goats eat some of the really high weeds around the place. They loved that! I let the chickens out so we could put new bedding down. With all the rain we have had their temporary pen is a mud hole! So we let them out and put the bedding down.. The whole time we have been here the goats have basically ignored the chicken pen.....
Well of course today they did Not!! I hear my herd queen hollering over and over like she does when I am late or they are out of hay. I am thinking to myself she has hay... she has had her grain.. she has fresh water... What is wrong with her?? So I finally look out the back door and there are several goats in the Chicken pen!!! Eating their food!! It was mixed with scraps and between all the goats but 2 they didn't get much. But I had a baby goat a couple of years ago about kill herself on chicken starter!! SO I go and get everyone out. Scold them good for being in there. They knew better you should have seen them when they heard me coming and they realized they were trapped!!
I get back to the house and check a few minutes later and 2 adults are back in there.. I thought I had it to where the chickens could get in but the goats couldn't.... Where there is a will there is a way!! I finally left the door open so they wouldn't tear it apart. Guess what they left it alone then!! Brats!!
They got a treat earlier. There were some small trees in their pen that they had eaten on as far as they could reach. So I went and clipped the tops out of them.. The goats of course loved me for that!!


tree ocean said...

The first thing we have to do when we let the goats out is pick up the goose grain. They will make a beeline for it and even drink the nasty goose water since the geese drop grain in it! And if the rabbit spilled any pellets they fight over that. They do love tree tops!

tree ocean said...

I posted before the pictures loaded. What a BEAUTIFUL view!!The pickles look so yummy perfect for summer! And awesome hummingbird pix!

Carolyn said...

My goats do acrobatics to reach the lower leaves of the tree in their pasture. You are so sweet to cut the tops off. I should try that.

~Tonia said...

My girls had climbed as high as they col dnad even bent some of the smaller trees down to finish them off. So I thought I would help out.. There are a few others that Kyle will get with his chainsaw eventually.
Mine wont drink their water unless its Very clean!!!Lol I have to clean all the junk out... Floating chickens and everything before they will drink out of it. lol They are a tad bit spoiled!

kestrel said...

Fantastic photos of the humming bird, I think I could sit and watch all day. Those lovely coloured pickles of yours have given me some ideas - not to make my own pickles but to do coloured decorative bottles of something for my kitchen or bathroom