Monday, July 13, 2009

Just A Few Pics.....

I Love Fireworks!!
This one was so bright colored..

It took one day to attract the first pair of Humming birds... We have 2 pairs now!!

And thats it for tonight!! Good night all!


The Old Gray Egg said...

Fireworks are fun to see, but sometimes I wish people would clean up after shooting them off. You wouldn't believe the fireworks trash that we found out on the water on one of our fishing trips after the Fourth. And that is in addition to the everyday trash that people toss aside. Yoiks.

Aimee said...

I love taking fireworks pictures. I have a bunch from this year, too. I should post some. Hope you had a great fourth!

Goat Creek Grandma said...

We just love sitting and watching our hummingbirds. I go through about 2 1/2 gallons of nector a week. We have five feeders and over a few dozen birds. They are so funny to watch especially on the days I have to go refill the feeders. Their so impatient! *lol*

Take Care,

~Tonia said...

The trash aggravates me too!! They seem to think its okay because its fireworks!
Taking firework pictures is a little more of a challenge and its fun to see how they come out..
2 1/2 Gallons?!! Wow!!! A couple of years ago I had a small swarm of Hummingbirds come in. It was so neat! We counted about 15. They were all there for about an hour and then gone..

Wood Mouse said...

Here on this side of the pond we don't have Humming birds, I would love to see them in the feather, perhaps one day I will. If I do that will be cause for setting off a few fireworks (and cleaning up afterwards).

Glad to see you are settling in.

tree ocean said...

wow those are cones! My mother used to buy them since she wouldn't take us downtown. We had the best fireworks shows! I miss them. Those kind ore illegal here and all the big displays put them off in e the air. Your pix came out great I only got a couple of ok ones this year. Flat batteries. :(

Hummingbirds are cool!

~Tonia said...

These humming birds are funny. You can talk as loud as you want and they will still come but if you make to big of a movement they are gone to sit on the wire and watch you for a few minutes before trying to come back.. I have to sit with my camera on the feeder to even get that picture! I want to try and get a pic that shows a little more detail.
We can only buy fireworks for a certain amount of time and you can get all kinds of neat ones! Alot of the local displays were cancelled this year due to finances. Which was a bummer! But living on a hill you can see for a long ways and so got to see everyone elses fireworks!!