Friday, July 24, 2009

Farmers Market!! And Other Things...

First my kitchen.. Finally fairly clean that I would take a pic of it.. Every time I would think to take a picture it was messy! This looks out into the yard and the field beyond that. Its got a lot of counter space that I immediately had full! Lol Its the most counter space I have ever had in a kitchen. I love the windows!!
A farm on the way to the farmers market. It was just so green ...........

An Amish farm on the way too.. It was green and so clean looking. We slowed way down to get a picture and just soak it in.. One of the joys of living in farm country. I rarely get aggravated following behind tractors and trucks filled with hay like this.. It kind of reminds me to slow down! What does aggravate me is when some idiot is in to much of a hurry and passes these guys On hills or curves. This sort of driver not only endangers himself but everyone around him... Pet Peeve!! LOL

A sample of what we brought home today!! I spent less than $50........
I carried out more bags than if I had spent $50 at Walmart!! I got 4 lbs of Yellow squash and Zucchini, a 8lb head of Cabbage... I have NO clue what I am going to do with all of that Yet!!
I got a quart jar of local Honey and some sourdough bread and a little loaf of banana bread that just about didn't make it home! A lb of mixed cherry tomatoes. It had little orange ones in it that were so sweet!! A dozen ears of corn and bell peppers(cheaper than Walmart and so pretty!)
My goat dairy friend was there and So I got some of her Wonderful yogurt, feta, cheddar and ricotta cheese. Her yogurt is SOOO good!! I don't like lemon flavored foods but her lemon yogurt is good! She also had Blackberries. So its Blackberries and cream for breakfast for me! I am making french toast in the morning with the Sourdough bread.
I found a source for some herbs to plant too. Half the fun of the market is talking to the people! Then there is the little things Like the lady with the bread gave the girls a cookie( I know they are older but they still like those kind of things). After they weighed my Squash and bagged it they threw in a little extra just because. My friend gave me a little extra cheese! I like the people who are easy to talk to and aren't pushy. I avoid the ones that try to sell you everything.. I like the people who greet you and let you look then maybe offer something but not keep trying to sell you something till your head spins!
It was fun. The girls loved it I don't know if they had ever been to a farmers market because were we used to live they didn't have much a of a market because of all their rules and fees...
We are having family over tomorrow so I have things to do to get ready for that! Have a good weekend everyone!!


tree ocean said...

Those blackberries look yum! And those blue high skies! I am so sick of overcast!!!

Beautiful kitchen too!

Goat Creek Grandma said...

It looks like you did have a great day at the farmer's market. I miss going to the one we use too do.

Your kitchen is great! I would love to have the windows like that to look out of. Its definately a kitchen that one wouldn't mind spending time in.

Take Care,

Carolyn said...

Sounds like some tasty shopping. I bet you can't wait to go home and start cooking and eating!

I need to find a good farmer's market near me :)

Kelle said...

I love windows and natural light, don't you? Your kitchen is beautiful. I like the spice rack above the stove and the shelves above your windows.

The window we have by our table( yes it's in the kitchen) I've been after my Dh to build a shelf for all my antique kitchen utensils and jars. I guess it would be just something else to dust anyhow.*wink*

My zucchini didn't come up, planted it twice, first it was to wet and the seed rotted, then I think a cutworm at the second planting, so I'll be picking up a few at the farmers market we're going to sell at. Maybe I'll find someone to barter with*wink*

Living in Amish country, how fun :o)
Blessing for your weekend,

Wood Mouse said...

A ditto on the Farmers Market, I was at one today myself. While talking to one of the stall holders they were miffed by some of the rules that meant they had to use more plastic packaging than they would like. At their farm shop the use butchers paper, I dont know if you have that there.

I also agree about the drivers that get agitated with Tractors. When I was a child we were going to Devon for a holiday and my Step Brother was driving. We were behind a tractor on a narrow single track road. When we reached a passing point my step brother Swore at the driver and told him that he should not be allowed on the road. I learnt that it does not pay to upset the driver, as I felt what he did and said was just wrong. I have never understood getting upset with traffic or anything that is beyond your control. Personally I rather get to a destination in one piece than never get there.

Kritter Keeper said...

you found some beautiful bounty! i love seeing farms, too. i would get impatient in my younger days regarding the tractor, but not now.