Friday, July 31, 2009

Busy....But not TO Busy!

Health food store goods!! A Moth Kara saw at the grocery store... Also a close up of what gets wrapped around the shopping cart wheels...Yuck! Clouds out my backdoor the other night.. There has been a lot of rain lately..
Butterfly in the rain.. Didn't make it in with the other Raindrop pics...
My refrigerator pickles cooling in the window... Haven't tried this batch yet... We went to my mother-in-laws and helped her get her PC up and going. She is now online on a very nice laptop she got a good deal on! On the way home I stopped by the Health food store and got a few things.. I have been wanting to get the red raspberry for my goats because it helps the female system of most mammals... I had to turn babies and help deliver on 3 of my goat girls last year. When only One from the previous year had had any trouble. Red Raspberry is suppose to help tone the uterine muscles, helping get babies in position and help with delivery. You can give it to them up till they are bred and then about a month before due start again. Its just about a tablespoon a day per goat. Not much at all.
I also got some Chopped Comfrey root, Calendula, Rose Hips powder, Blackberry,Borage, and Dandelion. I have different uses for some of these not all destined for the goats. I am going to make tea with some of them. To help with the Before my surgery and some of it is for after.
I also used my Gift Certificate I won from Carolyn at . I ordered some of the laundry soap,dog shampoo, and some conditioner for my hair.. We will see!! Its on its way now.
And I ordered some more seeds. I don't have any starts of mint so I ordered some seeds of peppermint and spearmint.. I thought if I plant them on opposite sides of the house I can remember which is which... Yep we will see... I will probably forget and have to ask the girls.. I ordered a couple other things but what? has slipped my mind at the moment..
I have less than 2 weeks till my surgery. I am a little nervous. I know everything is going to be alright. But I like to take care of everyone else.. Not be taken care of...
Off to take care of my animals. Chicken house is in the plans for tomorrow! YEAH!!! Have a great weekend everyone!


Rural Rambler said...

Tonia we have been getting rain too and I have a cloud picture very similar to yours. It was very cool today. Rain again tomorrow!

I love seeing the pickles lined up on the windowsill.

~Tonia said...

It was very cool here too. THe sky was a brilliant blue this morning. It almost didnt look real..

Kritter Keeper said...

love your photos! that sky is remarkable! i have a moth like died in perfect condition and was on the driveway so i kept it. it is so pretty.

tree ocean said...

I drank raspberry leaf tea in my second pregnancy, and think I even had some in the delivery room, but I was only there 1 1/2 hours before I delivered 10 pound boy! Easiest one!

Good idea to give it to goats! Supposed to stimulate milk production, too, I think..

Nice pix! We have had so much rain we are