Monday, June 15, 2009

The Show Goats

This is Hope My oldest girl showed her last year. She is going to show her again. She is so calm. I now she will be better behaved this year. She is fullblooded Nubian.
This is Abby, my oldest girl is going to show her too. She is a 75/25LaMancha Nubian cross. She is a little sneak when it comes to trying to sneak to the grain bucket when I am milking!

This is Mariah. My middle girl is going to be showing her. She is 50/50 Nubian/LaMancha. The little wild child. She gets bored easily and likes to walk on her back legs.
Last but not least is Sasha. My youngest girl is going to be showing her. She is 75/25 LaMancha/Alpine. She is a sweetheart and not the little pills the other 2 can be if they think they are getting short changed on the goodies.

We were going to do more than one show this year but with moving we are just doing the one again maybe next year. We will be closer to alot of them. So it will be a little easier to go.. Its alot of work but a lot of fun!! They enjoy it. They are also showing a rooster and a rabbit..


Bethany said...

Where do you show? I love showing, it's so much fun!


~Tonia said...

My girls just show here at the local fair. Last year was our first year and it was just my oldest girl. This year its all 3 of my girls showing. My husband showed sheep when he was younger but I had never done anything like this. We all had fun.

Bethany said...

Sounds fun! Keep at it and you will start to understand more and more about showing and goats. I have learned so much from listening to judges. Even in all my years of having goats I never learned as much as I have the last 2-3 years of showing. :) Great way to learn, and fun too.