Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Good Tomcat!!

The Tom the black and white kitten and Halloween the black one went to their new home last week. Sadly Halloween disappeared the first night but Tom has become a constant companion to the lady we gave them too. Especially in the milk barn. He made his first mouse kill yesterday. She had a little one in an empty feed barrel so she put him down in it. He played with it and then killed it.. Looked at her as if to say What now?? He held it in his mouth and she got him out of the barrel and off he ran with his prize!! SO WooHooo for Tom already doing his job and earning is keep!!
Cheezit the orange and white striped cat will be going to a nice lady Friday hopefully. He is the last one. We had considered keeping him but decided against it for now.

This is part of the view from our new house. My 2 youngest looking for more creepy crawlies. They kept catching the same lizard over and over. There was a toad warning them not to get to close so they left him alone. We were cleaning yesterday and all that is left to do is clean carpets. But only 2 rooms have actual carpet the rest is either vinyl flooring or wood floors. Which I love that! It has 4 windows over the kitchen sink and its so light and bright. Kyle is happy he wont be sharing a bathroom with 4 girls now!! Lol Just me! The girls will have their own upstairs. We have more stuff to do outside before the actual move though.
I was finally able to make some vinegar cheese today. I had a little time and a little extra milk. It turned out really good!! I just put a little garlic, sea salt and basil on it. We used it on our salad at supper it was good!! Kyla kept telling me Momma this is the best batch yet!!Lol
We have had some more wild storms come through in the last 2 days. More possible tonight. It has been so humid you sit and sweat!! All well its Missouri and its June!! Thank God its not January!


Sandy@American Way Farm said...

That's a nice view. And your kitchen sounds very bright and airy. Post pictures of the new place. Good luck on your move.

Kritter Keeper said...

that is sad about the little black one which was my fave...

Jenna said...

Hi Tonia!
Thanks for following my blog:) I'm thrilled to meet another blogger with goats, and I look forward to browsing your blog in "my spare time" lol!!!

Many Blessings,

Aimee said...

Oh cool, mor goat bloggers! Jenna, here I come to check it out! Tonia, you do your own butchering, or hire a butcher? We have always hired one for our pigs, but I really would like to learn top do it ourselves and save the money. Is it hard to butcher a goat - emotional considerations aside, of course...?