Saturday, June 6, 2009

Good News!

The girls, Me and my Mil on a day trip last summer!
My MIL came through her surgery Thursday well. She did have a little trouble immediately after surgery. Then when they took the tape off her eyes some got in her eyes.. No one could see it but she was insisting it was there. SO we started rinsing it out every few minutes trying to get it out. Everyone else just thought she had scratched it but when she woke up the next morning it was in the corner of her eye!! I thought I had seen something but then it would be gone. SO that was just irritating her and making it uncomfortable.
Then the Doctor forgot to send a order for oral meds in addition to the IV pain killers like he mormally does and she started hurting. My MIL takes very little meds for pain she may take a Tylenol or aspirin for headaches but that's about it.. So when she started hurting and the nurse was trying to put her off. I went out and said something about it. I hate to see anyone in pain like that. Then of course there was nosey people who aren't family or real close friends just ambulance chasers(what Kyle calls them) there making things difficult for the rest of us. They finally left when there was no one else to be the center of attention for. She was able to get some real rest.
They will be checking things closer under a microscope to make sure it hadn't went any farther than they thought.

But she came home today and they said 5 days of very little activity and then slowly Very slowly getting back to normal. We are taking the girls over tomorrow to visit with her and check on her.. The girls will be coming home from a week at the other Grandparent's house. I have missed them!! SO have their animals!! They are driving me nuts..
We will get started packing and getting ready for the move and 4H shows the week after the move. We are just doing the one show this year again due to the moving. But they will be showing 4 goats, a rabbit and a couple of chickens. It will be a busy couple of months for us. But its summer time we will be finding something fun to do too in spite of all the other stuff!! Have a good weekend everyone!!


Mount Belly Mama said...

My husband is the same way. He never takes pills no matter what. I would know if he needed something as you did for your MIL. She's lucky to have a DIL like you. :)

Jennifer said...

Glad she is doing OK. Good luck in the 4h show!

Goat Creek Grandma said...

Glad to hear your MIL is doing well. Wish you the best with your move.