Thursday, May 14, 2009

Still Here....

Madder than a Wet hen? Lol Chickens in the torrential rains last Friday I bet they found lots of little worms to eat!!...
My girls..... We borrowed some ones old steps as we were driving through the country to Nanny's house.


Awwwwww..... Sisters!... She really has a choke hold on her sister!

Cat Fight!
We had another storm come through last night. It was a lightning show for us and another couple inches of rain. I slept through most of it.. It was worse farther to the north of us.
Kyle works as a bricklayer and I have seen it rain like this in May before. One year he worked 40 hours for the whole month of May talk about hurting for $$. Construction is a feast or famine job for sure! He is doing really good so far this year. It seems like the worst of the weather is on days he had to take off anyway Or at night!!
One thing I guess I have always taken for granted or I am use to is the spring floods here in Missouri. As a kid we lived mainly in one area my whole childhood. It was Entertainment to go watch the river rise after serious rainfall like we got last weekend. Or see which wet weather creek got all crazy. lol We were easily entertained! But it makes you very aware of how small you are to see the force of water rolling through the country side.
My grandmother(born and bred Missouri girl too) use to put the kids in the cellar and then go watch the storms. I guess I get it from her! I love watching them. Stick the kids in the closet and watch nature at work... But I don't get to far so I can dive in if needed!! Lol
We have the animals in temporary electric fence. We will be getting some more put up soon. We find out the results of my MIL test later tomorrow.. Its been a long week but she is in good spirits about it..
I hope everyone has a great weekend.. I do believe we have more rain in the forecast.


Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Yup, I am in MO too and the floods are just a part of it. And we go look at flood water too! :) LOL And we stick the kids in the basement and then stand outside and watch the storms too. :) LOL You guys got slammed with rain and floods though! My hubby is in construction as well...we have those tight times too when the weather doesn't cooperate. It sucks, but we always manage. Kitties are cuties and that is a great picture of your girls! I'm loving those pink boots...I have a pair but the bottom is brown and the top is pink. They are my favorite thing to wear.

Evelyn said...

I love storms as well. I think everyone does! It's just such awesome power! But, storms in MO are so much better than storms in Los Angeles! When I was at the farm last Spring, I'd sit at that pix window & just watch them! I know we've had lightening strikes near the pond. Last Spring, I was so impressed by the continuous rolls of thunder, I times them. 22 minutes of continuous thunder, a 11 second break then 18 more minutes of thunder. After that, I quit timing. Just too awesome!
And, to see a lazy little creek down in the bottom of a huge riverbed, swell into a raging torent is just too cool. Even when you know you're going to have to deal w/ the after math, it's just to awe inspiring not to watch! You can't do anything once the storm hits (unless you need to do some sandbagging.) So, you may as well enjoy the show!
The kitties are cute, baby critters are all cute! When I saw the pix of the girls on the stairs, I couldn't figure where on the farm that was! I always look at the pix before I read the text! lol!!

kestrel said...

I am into storms too. Here we get terrible thunder storms with very frightening lightning. Before the storms begin, we have to unplug all our electrical equipment as the lightning have been known to blow up TVs, computers, microwave if the plugs are switched on and still connected to the mains. We have lost quite a number of telephones and once our mother board for the computer was totally destroyed and blackened. Recently we have had hail stones, the garden was filled with ice stones. I think global warming has changed the weather. I hope your rains stop soon.

Tabetha -n- Brian said...

I absolutely look forward to all of your pictures! And I am glad that you all are doing alright through all of the storms. I know we have gotten our fair share over here in Indiana.