Monday, May 11, 2009

Found More Damage!!

This fence separates us from the Neighbor's Alfalfa field.. It took out a good chunk of this fence. It happened After we left Friday.
It had to put most of the field under water. A house on the other side of this creek had about 6 inches of water. But when people built the house about 20 years ago everyone around here said it was a bad place for a house and It has flooded Many time over the years..

Bonfire Material??? Anyone have some Hot dogs?? Marshmallows??
You can see where the water left stuff in the trees. Water was over the bridge in the background and this spot was about 1 ft over my husbands head and he is 6 ft.
Some of it we could lift up with the tractor But the ground is to soft and it rained yesterday and then it is in the forecast to rain just about everyday this week...... The water went down enough for us to leave Friday so we didn't see the water level peak and apparently it did the most damage then. But this same creek runs past my brother's place about 15 miles away.It came out of its banks and the man they bought their place from said in all the Many years he had lived there he had never seen it out of its banks like that... I think we got about 5 inches of rain in about hour and a half....
Its suppose to rain almost every day this week too. So we cant get the tractor down there to help pull the fence out either.. There is still standing water in both of the fields.
We are kind of in limbo here so much to do, so little time and really not sure were to begin......


American Way Farm said...

The force of water is absolutely amazing! Great pictures. Glad I live on a mountain! -Sandy

~Tonia said...

Thats the funny thing about Missouri... House is on a hill and there is hills all around but the valleys get the floods. We are in the Ozarks so its all sorts of terrain thrown together... The water off the hills have to go somewhere and its usually the bottom of the hill....Lol..

Goat Creek Grandma said...

I'm glad everyone is safe. Hope you had a good mother's day despite the storm.

Take Care,

Evelyn said...

Everything will get done in time, don't stress. Stress is never a good thing. If I can get one of the rooms here rented... I'll come help. I usually walk down to the fence, so I'll just take the post pounder to put in the posts that the fence is off of, while the ground is soft. But... not so soft that I sink, lol. I'm sure that you'd sink into a of of that. But, I know that most of the posts went w/ the fence. The fence was tied on there pretty strong! No shoddy engineering there!
But, I think the fence on the driveway should be strand. It flooded last year too. I thought I cleared the ditch out well enough that it wouldn't flood this year. Rong!!! (That there's military talk.) Maybe ....if we can get a backhoe to clear out the ditch'll do it well enough?
Just goes to show, when it rains... it pours! This was worse than we got last year. We got 6 1/2 inches in about 24 hours last year. I just neeeeed to live there is all!!! But, at least our houses are on high land. I can't imagine putting a house on the lowlands. It's obvious that that 'bottom land' (gosh I wonder why they call it that?) is a flood plane!
It's good that no one was hurt. The road flooding like that could take the car off into the ditch. You don't need to go in the ditch... other people will do that for you! lol

Kritter Keeper said...

so sorry you have to experience all of that trouble. some folks in our state are really hit hard (gilbert, wv where my husband is from) and my heart goes out to you having to repair all of that fencing!

Juli said...

We've had more rain this May then I ever remember in the Ozarks. We had storms again last night and supposed to for the next 3 days but then maybe 3 or 4 days of sun so I can get the second half of the garden planted.

I hope everyone there is safe :)