Thursday, April 2, 2009

Well The Rush Is Over!!

I have sold the biggest majority of the babies a few will be leaving in 2 weeks and I have a couple of bucks that are being looked at today or tomorrow. But that's it.
I got my new camera. It wasn't exactly what I wanted but it is a step up from what I had! I haven't taken any pictures yet but I will!!
Yesterday was a field trip day for the girls!! Of course we went to a goat farm!! lol There is a lady close by that is working on getting a state certified dairy going. She is about half way there. The girls thoroughly enjoyed the visit. She took an old cow dairy barn and instead of knocking it down is remodeling it and modifying it for the goats! I thought that was so neat!! Of course I would rather live in an old house than a new one. They have more "personality"! Kyle says problems!!
Anyway this lady has Lamanchas and various other dairy goats. But I personally never really liked the Lamancha but had never been around them much either.. And how can you resist babies???? They were so sweet and lovey. Of course they were looking for food. But they were so sweet with little bitty ears! I could have took one home! They are feeding 43 bottle babies a Day!!! Most are 2 times a day and 11 are 3 times a day. Here I was complaining about 12 bottle babies!!! I would have taken pictures but I didn't have my camera yet...
Okay got to get going. It's my day for town! Oh Yeah! I hope everyone has a good day!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new camera!!I am hoping for an upgrade this year;)
I love LaMancha's but I'm alittle bias since it's all I have LMAO

Evelyn said...

Too cool about the new camera! I thought the one you had was doing real well. Can't wait to see what you get w/ the new camera.
Too funny about going to a goat farm as a field trip. But, I can certainly see how you'd get some ideas for your own setup. Need to have DH build you a place you can hose down... in all his spare time! rotflol

~Tonia said...

My old camera was fine for outside pics but the flash quit working!