Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rainy... Cold..... Did I Say Rainy???

Trying out the new camera..... My old one had quite flashing. I think I mentioned it earlier..

Cold... Sooo cold....

Where OH Where is the Sunshine?????

It was a drizzly rain so the sheep and the goats went out anyway.. I was surprised.. At least its not wild and crazy storms.. Its good to have these soaking rains.. Of course you can tell by the very green grass. Its still not very tall but its getting there. Its still frosting about every other night. So if you have garden stuff out you have to protect it.. I wait till May before I plant anything unless it likes the cooler weather...
We lost a several baby chickens last night due to the weather turning off cold... They huddled up to much and the little banties got stuck under the big ones. They tend to pile up to much when cold and weaker ones get pushed to the bottom and smothered..
The turkeys seem to be doing good though. I call them and they run around the cage trying to figure out where I am at.. I will have to get new pictures tomorrow. They are getting their wing feathers.
Its late and I am heading to bed! My 4 year old niece came to stay with us tonight!! She is my small look alike!!Lol But boy does it bring back memories of when my girls were small... Good Night everyone!!


Evelyn said...

It's good to see rain out there w/ no lake in the pasture! The goats went out in the rain & they didn't melt???
I'd love to see pix of the chicks & turkeys. It's funny, I was thinking that you got the chicks weeks ago. Then, I looked at the back pages & found it was really only a few days ago! They're not going oot be ready to go get bugs for a few days yet. lol

Kelle said...

Good morning!
We have rain today too and it's grey and ugly outside, although it isn't cold.
I'm not complaining as we need this moisture to get everything off to a good start. Your place looks so green, ours is still a brown hue with some green coming underneath.

Sorry to hear about your chicks piling up, we've had this happen in years previous, even with a heat lamp.

Turkeys, we've found don't have much of a will to live. Until you get them past about 2 months old, then they seem strong enough. We love our turkeys, they are so much fun to watch. Our hens are laying( in two nests), so far we count 15-16 eggs in each nest. We're praying for a good hatch. We have 4 toms and two hens to butcher, when ever the weather cooperates.

Love you blog, feels like home.

Blessings from,
The Never Done Farm(ette)

April 3, 2009 9:05 AM

Warren said...

Your 2nd & 3rd pictures really capture the feel of a cold rainy day, from inside looking out. Nice