Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rain Rain Is Going Away!!!

Some late bloomers..... Kyla took these the other day... She did a good job..

Part of the pond in my front yard... Its ankle deep in some parts..

The newest pig... I would think that She thinks she is a cow!! She seems to follow them.. Our holding pen to keep her separate didn't well hold her...

It wasn't stormy weather just rain and rain and more rain... The milk goats and bottle babies just look out the barn door at me and holler... They are a tad spoiled! lol Of course they work for their treatment. I am getting 3 gallons of milk out of 4 goats and it has went up to a little over that lately with the new hay I got for them. I found some really good Lespedza hay thanks to a friend. They love it and its really done well for them..

The pigs are now out in the pasture since everyone is done having babies and all the babies are bigger now.. Lets just hope they don't develop a taste for chicken..

They have been rooting around in the barn some but the meat goats do Not like them and have started seeking shelter elsewhere since the pigs are loose.. Sheep don't seem to care one way or the other...

We are suppose to have high 70's by the end of the week and no rain till sometime Next week. We have a lot of short green grass and the leaves are starting to give a slight green tint to the woods.. I don't know if its me just wanting spring so bad this year or what but it seems to be taking for ever for spring to get started!!lol

Well I hope everyone has a great week I am heading to bed so I hopefully can get an early start tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

I love the pig sitting with the cows LOL

Jennifer said...

Beautiful flowers, things are starting to dry out a bit here too. We got so much rain the other day the water was just standing in the backyard. That pig looks happy where she is at!

Evelyn said...

Glad to see the pig & cattle are getting along well. And, the sheep too. Goats need to just get over it. :)
Beautiful flowers too. I'm hiding from the heat in the house. Supposed to get into the mid 90s today & I believe it's there now. I'll be back out in the yard later today. I'm putting up a shade cover over my patio. It gets so hot on the patio that the cement will still radiate enough heat to dry my clothes on the clothes line at midnight. It's gonna be better this year!