Wednesday, April 22, 2009


She is giving me the Evil Eye!! I wont let her out and she is mad!!!
He is pretty and he knows it!!lol

I think the white silkie in the back is going broody! Our little black silkie chick died.. He drowned. I didnt get a shorter water dish in there soon enough..
The turkeys... We still have 10!
They are doing well!!
One of the 2 Buff colored silkies chicks to survive.. I am sure just as rule they are both roosters...
She is still giving me the evil eye... She is such a sweetie really!

Up close of the Silkie roo. He is a very good natured boy.
More of the banties chicks... Playing King of the feeder!
They won!
The truth will always find you out... telltale white hairs on the barbed wire.. Sam is still stealing the eggs....
Look at this udder!!! April is giving a gallon+ after raising her babies! She is mom to the next one. She usually gives at least a 1.5 gallons at peak and then settles in at a gallon a day.. She is 5 years old now..
This is Hope's Udder She is s a first freshener and is giving a half gallon+ after raising a set of twins this year.. She is almost a 18 months old.. Things have slowed down. All the bottle babies are gone and the chicks are free roaming..
The turkeys aren't labor intensive right now.. We are still feeding some hay to avoid bloating on the new green grass but nothing like we were.. So we are focusing on our school work a little more after getting some rest!. Of course we have milking and 3 bottle babies..
One of the girls stepped on a nail the other night though so had a little bit of anxiety as it was showing signs of serious infections but after working at it she is healing! Very sore but better! And yes she had her tetanus shot just last fall!
We are gearing up for finishing the goat project for 4H too and we have a couple of shows for this summer. Its a lot of fun! We have a class this weekend and some of our milk goats will go to be used for a demonstration. It will be fun.
Okay breaks over got to get going!! Have a good day all!


Kelle said...

Love the pictures, that hen is giving you the evil eye!

Your turkey poults look good, we're expecting a hatch on May 3rd and again on the 5th. We have another hen laying( 9 eggs so far in the nest) but hasn't started setting.

Your kittens are so..... cute but I'm glad they are yours. Cortney wouldn't want to give any away, ever, she's a cat person you know.

Are the cows in the background of the pig picture, Dexter's? Do you milk any of them?


Evelyn said...

Great about the silkie going broodie. Are you going to put chciken eggs under her? Those are some big udders! Turkeys are looking great! Hopefully a few will be good enough looking to overwinter for poults next year. Bummer about Sam still stealing eggs. He probaby won't ever quit on his own. Maybe make them a house that he can't get far enough into to get them? Like w/ a divider that has to be gone around to get to the nest. Just one more project!

kestrel said...

sorry to hear about the black silkie chick, I never imagine that could happen. Just like how kids drown by accident in buckets of water in the bathroom. Saw a turkey for the first time when I was 6 years old in my English neighbour's garden, it was a surprise for my brothers amd I. Blogged about some body building chicks, hope you check it out, quite macho looking roosters!!