Monday, April 27, 2009

Going Green!!!

Okay its not going enviromentaly green but Spring time green!! These tree branches were almost bare last week at this time. You can see the faint tint of green in the trees in the distance. The oak trees are starting to get their leaves too. My strawberries are growing!! I killed off my tomato plants and some other things that I had started but the strawberries are doing well!

Little chicken doing his job.. Scratching through goat poop! Good boy!!
Abby and Mariah trying to see what I am doing!
Sasha getting close and personal! She looks scared or surprised with little ears and big eyes!!
The reason I will disbud my goats. I have pulled this goat out of more fence to many times. It was just the hay rack and now she is getting it stuck in perimeter fencing!! Which is extremely dangerous! Like a predator buffet......... I know they are natural with horns but we have to keep them in fencing which is not their natural habitat so in order to protect them they probably should be disbudded. At least in my opinion. If you disbud them with in 2 weeks of birth its no big deal. A little stinky and smoky and back on mom for some pity and they are back to running around.She is teaching her babies to stick their head through the fence too. They arent big enough to get stuck..yet....
This is an old Orla mill not far from us. My mom grew up in this area and they would go camping and swimming here in the summer time as kids. But do to the local "rich" man people can no longer visit the mill or the area really! He says he owns the river too. Which technically in Missouri you can't "own " the river!! But they can make it really difficult to get to it.. Its a good fishing place too!More chicks. There is a pretty big variation in the colors of these chicks. The red seems to be dominate But several are speckled like the one in the pic.
Another Broody goose!! She picked a better spot then her sister!! She is behind the rabbit cages. She gets upset when we do chores though!
Dogwoods are blooming absolutely beautiful!! This isn't the best pic Ihave taken of them but there are so many flowers on them this year. You can see white all through the woods as you drive through.
The mock 4H goat show Saturday! Candice wasn't in the pic because she is a veteran of 1 year showing the goats all these guys will be 1st year showing goats!! The goat on the end did fine if you were standing there but she balked at being led and had to be carried to her spot. Girl in the middle her goat walked fine but when they lined up she decided that she would rather graze than hold her head up and ended up laying in Kyla's lap. They are just starting out though...
Another sleeping kitten pictures! But its so cute!! They are crawling everywhere. They are officially 2 weeks old today!

We have had rain all day to day off and on. It has been messing with my phone lines so internet has been off and on! They said we could get up to 9 inches of rain this week!! We will be floating for sure!

We have been dealing with mild cases of bloat due to the green grass they would rather eat then the hay they have been eating all winter. SO I had to lock the cows up with some hay to keep them from getting to bad. I tried locking up the goats and sheep in the barn with some hay. But as soon as there was a break in the weather and it quit raining they found the nearest hole and escaped!! Sheep were leading the charge! They are also leaving behind huge chunks of hair on every fence or post they come with in a few feet of! They are shedding as quickly as possible!

We are also having more truck troubles!! I told Kyle once we get this truck fixed it will be all brand new!! lol It wont be done till tomorrow sometime. He is waiting on a part. Kyle and my brother worked on it till about midnight Saturday night too. We had to put a transmission in it. it was going to be either $1000 to get a rebuilt one or $250 for one that was out of a truck with only 15,000miles on it...... Hmmm let me tell you that was a hard decision!! Lol He got it all back together but the Auto part store that was open didn't have it and so we had to call and order it today. Its suppose to be here tomorrow and then he gets the joy of working on it some more!! Thank God my brother works at a salvage yard it has saved us a bundle in the last year!!

Our big truck sits in the drive sad and lonely... The engine needs rebuilt and Kyle just doesn't have time right now. All in due time...

SO I'm headed to bed after I check the radar one more time.......


Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Great pics! The one of Sasha reminds me of Sid the Sloth off of the kid movie Ice Age! I sooo need to get a goat.

Evelyn said...

Those kitties are so cute!
The goats... are why we're spending so much money on fencing! lol.
I hope Mother Nature doesn't spend all the rain we're supposed to get this summer! :-0
Good luck on the truck! I know how frustrating it has to be to have 2 trucks sitting useless out there!

Anonymous said...

I hope it doesn't rain too much and I gotta say the pictures are beautiful..Your girls goats are so pretty.Miss the dogwoods,we don't have very many here..

kestrel said...

I like your so white goat with the horns sticking out of the fence - don't they get dirty. Ouch..budding sounds painful. Ha.. I am learning much about goats now and it is interesting. When your strawberries fruit, show us a photo and hope Kyle gets the truck moving again.

Anil P said...

There's so much life on the farm that I wonder if it is ever possible to have a few moments to onself when so many delightful moments abound.

Enjoyed your account of the farm.

Tammy said...

I did a double take when I saw the background in the goat 'show' photo. Thats where I work..(FBC) ha..... and I used to many the years ago work for the 'rich man' at one of his companies. Quite an experience.