Friday, April 24, 2009

From Freezing to.....

HEAT!!! No middle of the road!! went from the 40's to the 80's in a week... Poor animals are hot for sure. Shedding as fast as they can. I posted this pic for the leaves really. They have doubled in size in 2 days!! You cant see through the tree anymore.
Oh the joys of relaxing.. This dog and girl are almost inseparable.. Hobo is protective of her too.

Their eyes are open and they have doubled in size!

They pile up and just keep climbing on top of the other and then fall off.

Doesn't this make you want to just yawn and stretch??? Lol They are purring now too. Well I have to get off of here. We are up and out early tomorrow. 4H most of the day. We are providing the learning goats! Looks like a lot of rain will be heading our way this next week.. Have a great weekend all!


kestrel said...

What a way to relax on the hammock. Is it too hot?? Temperatures here are 30 C everyday so i am use to the heat. Like the tortise shell colours of your kittens, reminds me of my first cat Tammy.

Anonymous said...

Sweet hammock picture;)Those kittie's are super cute, have a beautiful weekend!!!

Evelyn said...

I miss the hammock! How does she fit her tail thru? Which girl is it that has grown the tail? Is that your guinea hen? She's changing species? (Or is that her arm? Sure looks like an orange, tabby tail! lol)
Weather did the same thing here. It hit 100 last week! It's back down in the 70's this week. That's the first stage of Global Warming... crazy weather. The ice melting is changing weather patterns. The fresh water input desalinates the northern oceans. The freshwater doesn't sink & move south as fast, disrupting the Gulf Stream & hurricane patterns. Hurricanes are the way the Earth transfers heat from the equator to the northern climes. That's why we're seeing colder colds & hotter hots. When it settles down, you'll be warmer & SoCal will cook!

I gotta get out of here!

Kelle said...

Love the kitten pictures, make you say, Awwww!
One of our dogs, is very protective of our Dd and the other, well... he's my protector. Funny thing is I've never been much of a dog person. I always prefered cats, but this dog has grown on me and I simply love him.

Our animals are really confused, several days into the mid to high 80'sF then snow and back down into the high 30's and low 40'sF. My prayer is that it will eventually even itself out, because our hay supply is running low and the grass is growing by leaps and bounds.

Have a wonderful weekend,