Sunday, April 12, 2009

Busy! Busy!!!

This.........Turned into this.........They are very happy with their new girls!! Even the girl in the middle it was just early!!lol
Some of the little chickens have made it down to the house.. The dogs are doing a good job protecting so far. They have been out and about for almost a week now..
We decided since we have added Lamancha crosses we will just tell people they are Nubians who got frostbite and lost their ears!! Lol
Happy Easter Everyone!


Jane said...

Your blog is very good and I have enjoyed looking at your pictures and posts. I will be back to visit again soon. Happy Easter to you!


Evelyn said...

What beautiful babies!!
Just don't leave them inside on that hardwood to very long! :) I'd love to have that pile for the garden! Or, the pasture! How's the pasture coming, fescue is sweet when it's cold, so I'll bet the animals are in heaven. Pasture grew then it got cold again.
Good to hear about the dogs & chix.

Anonymous said...

The girls should be so very proud of themselves..Little hard work does wonders;)The kids are soooooo cute,congrats to the fam!!!

Jenny said...

I've had people take a look at my LaMancha and wonder what I did with her ears! Like I've removed them or something.