Sunday, March 1, 2009

Winters Last HooRah?

We had 3-4 inches of snow dumped and it has been in the teens at night.... Hopefully this is the last of the cold temps!! Hyacinths, Daffodils and Crocus are starting to come up!! Newest little darling! Isn't this just the cutest coloring??? She is a GIRL from A good Mom!! Yeah She is a Keeper!!! She is a Katahdin/St Croix cross!!
From the other side.. A little tie-Dyed ewe lamb.
Icicles hanging off the south side of the house. It is still cold but slowly melting..... Its suppose to be 60's by Wednesday.

One of the babies born Friday I think it was.This is a little ewe twin to a ram also in the house.

Here is the ram and the other bottle baby also a ewe. She was one of triplets. She runs around the house and her hooves click. I think she likes the sounds and looks like the little lamb that dances on the first of the movie the Incredibles . This is the ram again. He has black hooves,black on his nose and a few little spots here in there. To cute!!
Stealing a snack. They are all live wires and run bouncing through the house. It just amazes me the difference if you have good milk to give them instead of the milk replacers home made or store bought.
We did lose a goat baby. It was an older bottle baby. Apparently some hay off the big bale fell on her and she was laid on then. My oldest girl found her this morning...
We also butchered today. Finally!!! We had 3 goats and 2 sheep to butcher. We don't cut it up like they do at the processors. Since we don't eat alot of chops and roast but we cut all the meat off and then grind it.
The sheep we processed were 2 St Croix. One was small due to being a seriously tiny runt. But we got 33pounds of ground meat from them.
The goats I was a little surprised they all 3 were around the same age one was intact and 2 were castrated.
The Kiko/Boer cross was intact and we got 20 lbs of ground meat.
The Full blooded Nubian was castrated and we got 21 lbs of meat.
The Boer/Nubian cross was castrated and we got 19 pounds of meat... Now if we had taken them to the processors we may have gotten more because they would have had more bone-in cuts and they are probably a little more experience at getting All of the meat.
But I was really shocked the Nubian had the most meat. I know 2 Nubian/Alpine crosses we butchered last year had around the same amount of meat too. I did originally look at the Nubian because they were suppose to be a Dual breed but fell in love with the Nubian breed. I want to know where he put all that meat.. But he was a big boy!! His name was Pepperoni!! Lol
Lamb and Goat make the best grilled burgers and meat loaf. Tacos are really good too! We use it in place of ground beef. We don't eat hardly any ground beef from the store. Its all fat! We usually have goat or deer and now lamb. In June we will have beef..
Well it has been a long day and I am ready for bed so I hope everyone has a good night!


~~~~~~Tonia said...

Oh and I forgot the Pigs, Chickens, Cats and Dogs have had treats and are all looking a bit Full tonight!! Lol

Evelyn said...

Wow! It surprising that the Nubian would be heavier than the Kiko/Boer!
I'll bet the pigs, chickens, cats & dogs are a bit full! Do pigs really like to chew bones as much as dogs do?

Evelyn said...

Oh, I forgot... that is the strangest coloring on that lamb!! Kind of a splater paint job? lol
I think her mom is the one named Princess, because of the crown of white on her head

Anonymous said...

A dairy (or dairy cross) up to about 60 lbs (in good shape) will yield more meat that a meat breed will because they are smaller boned. Most Easter mkt buyers want dairy kids for just that reason. As they get over 60 lbs the meat kids start catching up (there is a weight limit on Easter kids). Having said that, Nubians (well fed) will still compete at heavier weights, they truly are a dual purpose breed. (especially the old bloodlines). Had one ADGA reg Nubian doe that weighed 230 lbs, Quite a load for a milking doe. I butcher the same way you do, used to make all the cuts w/bone in, waste of time and space! I even do beef (not often, we prefer other meat, but hamberger is good to cook with.) and hogs. Have 2 of those to do yet this spring.
Congrats on the babies, like the lamb color! We got 8 1/2 to 9 inches of snow, still have plenty, but we are south and east of you, if i remember right. Kathy

American Way Farm said...

That "tie dyed" lamb is absolutely the cutest thing I've ever seen! And I love the lamb lying by the wood stove, who says sheep are stupid? Congrats on all the new babies. -Sandy

tree ocean said...

LOL Sandy @ sheep are stupid re: woodstove. I love that pic!