Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wild Horses,Wet Babies and RAIN!!!

We were trying to load a horse this afternoon and she didn't want to leave her friends. They were encouraging her to rebel and she did till she gave in. She really wanted those treats we had in the trailer. After about 30 minutes(seemed like an hour) we got her loaded and on down the road..
The wet babies got stuck on the other side of the fence from momma and couldn't get back to her. Gate was open but they didn't know.. They was to busy staring at momma in the Big Dry barn and shivering in the cold!! Then I come along with a flashlight and tried to get them and they freaked and ran!! I am chasing little babies in the dark and the Rain.. Yes just how I wanted to spend my evening.. No help because no one else didn't know What I was doing when I went outside... All well I did catch them finally and got the 3 little hoodlums back to mommas!
It has been raining for at least 24 hours. I don't know how many inches but its comes up over my boot and the creeks are running high.. Its suppose to turn to snow tonight but have bumped it down from 3 inches to Maybe 1. We have a freeze warning for early tomorrow morning and then a gradual warm up.. Yes spring will finally be here. It just had to have its last HooRah.. Of course we may get some snow in April or May but its usually flurries or a few big flakes and gone with in a few hours. Gotta love Missouri!
I do possibly have most of my Bottle babies sold. Yeah!! I wont run out of milk anymore! 3 goats are suppose to leave Tuesday. And some one is coming to look at bottle lambs tomorrow! Cant wait to meet you JK!!
Well I am going to go eat my pizza and curl up somewhere WARM!! Have a good night all!!


Evelyn said...

We've all said it before & will say it again.... Silly goats!
Glad to hear you got the horse loaded, they can be such stinkers! Bummer to hear about the cold, but I'm glad to hear it'll be over soon. Summer is nearly here out west! I'll be eating peaches from the tree in a few weeks!
Beautiful Daffodils!

Hot Belly Mama said...

Hi, if you get a chance - check out my blog today. I have questions about soil that I think you might be able to give advice. Thank you!

Karen B said...

I used to be one of the zillion horse owners who bribed (or tried to put legs in one by one, or whipped, or pushed) my horses into the trailer. Clinton Anderson (Downunder Horsemanship) has a fantastic DVD on trailer loading -- getting the horse to decide that going in the trailer is a much better idea than staying outside of it. Now all I have to do is stand to the side, point at the trailer, maybe swing the end of the rope, and my horse jumps in. All Clinton's training DVDs are clear, concise and tell you exactly how to accomplish the training result in easy to follow steps.

Glad the treats worked but... what if the horse decides he's not hungry that day? :-)

Hot Belly Mama said...

Thank you SOOOO much for your advice on the soil. You have given me so much to research and look into. I love the many different options!

Evelyn said...

Hope your weather is staying good. TWC shows rain for about the last week, but not more than .6 inches a day. That should mean no run off from the pastures, they should be able to absorb that. How is the pond doing? No fish in the pasture I hope?