Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Boys are soooo tough!! lol
She just looks so content on the Wrong side of the fence!!!

These little Darlin's make hole in the fence that needs to be replaced and Mommas follow thru!

They are laughing at me and have secret passages in the fence that I haven't found yet! I think I have found them and blocked them.... Then look out the window to see cows and calves int he wrong field!! Stinkers!

These babies grow fast!!!

So dainty looking!!

Pretty Boys! They think they are tough! They are not even 2 months old and weigh about 30 lbs. Very Solid boys.
Well I am down to 3 bottle babies!! YES!!! They all went to good homes! We will actually have some MILK!!! Lambs were posted last night and gone tonight! I have to figure what else we are keeping and they wanted the rest of our extra ewe lambs!! I have some people coming to look at little goat bucks. Since we had so many boys and some are so nice looking I decided to sell a few for breeding.
We did lose some turkeys today. The heat lamb bulb went out and they got cold. 4 died but the remaining 10 are doing okay. The little chicks are growing like crazy! I am tired and headed to bed...


Evelyn said...

Great to hear that you're down to so few bottle babies! Don't sell all the lambs... we want some for freezer camp! lol
Too bad about the turkeys. Don't you have 2 lamps going? I always figured that if one went out, they'd huddle under the other one. I remember seeing 2 lamps hanging in the brooder, or was that for chickens? I think it was... I guess the turkeys take up less space. That makes sense.

It is wonderful to see so much green in the pastures!!! SO much better than white!!!

Anonymous said...

I just adore the calves and those lambs are too die for,they look soft as a cloud..
Sorry bout the turkeys;)