Thursday, March 19, 2009

We Got Rain!!

This is what it looked like last night off towards the area of the fires last night. The wind shifted and was coming from that direction and the smoke was rolling down the hollow.
It was gray and looked like a cloud bank rolling in but was smoke.

And more smoke.........
Kiko buck twins.. They think they are hot stuff!!lol
The other set of Kiko twins. You never can see the details of the black one's face.
One set of the Boer/Kiko twins. These are some hefty babies. They have a great momma!
Sheep and goats.. Can you tell which one is which?... Alot of people have a hard time telling which one is which and usually think the sheep are goats....
We had some rain last night so hopefully that helped with the fires. It was a pretty hard rain and there are puddles this morning.
We are going to be tagging the rest of the babies this morning. That will be fun and of course more pictures. We have some possibly sold. I was getting a little worried but the warm weather has boosted the interest some more. So I will be showing some goats to people today.
So now I am running late and the goats are hollering at me! lol I hope everyone has great day!!


Goat Creek Grandma said...

We got rain over here in SE Missouri too but the sun is out shining brightly now. Yesterday was absolutely beautiful. I was hoping it would hold out for the weekend. Well, its suppose to reach 60 and sunny. I hope their right. We have lots of painting and cleaning to do so we can move next weekend.

Take care,

Evelyn said...

Good to hear about the rain! It's always good to hear about rain, when you're from SoCal! Rain here is a rare event! I got the big part of my greywater system in place last night. The washing machine is feeding the barrels. W/ 9 people doing laundry, that's a lot of water! I have drip irrigation most everywhere in the yard, now I have to hook it up to the barrels. I have over 550 gallons of water storage in the barrels. I'm hoping to getting more of them, but I think w/ the consistant inflow of water, I'll be OK w/ what I've got. Because it's such a high rate of flow, the one that feeds the others has to stay pretty much empty. So that cuts down what's available for long term storage tho.
We don't get the rain like y'll do.

DayPhoto said...

COME ON RAIN! Come and wash away the smoke!

What beautiful babies.