Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Winds Blowing!!!!

No pictures this morning.. The wind has been blowing for 2 days and isnt showing any signs of letting up.. We are anxiously watching the babies just waiting for them to go flying through the air!!!lol Kind of a Wizard of Oz moment..
We had storms headed this way last night but they broke up before getting here. Another one is now headed our way and looks a bit hairy!! Its suppose to be stormy all day. Watch they will call and say the baby turkeys are here!! lol Really probably not til Wednesday.. Hopefully... But they are calling for storms several days this week and then its suppose to get chilly..
Got to get moving Have a good day everyone!


DayPhoto said...

I agree with you on being in love with digital cameras. And haveing the chance to blog with the photos is even better.


tree ocean said...

Hope the weather doesn't get too rough! I guess someone needs to grab the young bulls above the fellas before you make the cut. That sounds like you had a nightmare! Bands aren't fun, either-we had trouble with two of my goats last year, but I waited a long time. :( Great flower pix last post!

Evelyn said...

don't let the fort blow away! I just feel for the poor babies in the pasture! Won't be too very long & everyone will be waxing nostalgic for the wonderful cool days of January! lol. Enjoy the cool days, w/ the wind that makes you stay inside... while you have them. They'll be over soon enough! I've been watching your area on TWC. Doesn't look pretty! But, it's getting too warm here already. Doesn't look good for the south end of the left coast... not at all! I'd much rather spend my Spring w/ you!

Hot Belly Mama said...

oh my goodness! You're talking about baby turkey via usps right? what an adventure that would be right now!