Saturday, March 7, 2009

One NICE Busy Day!!

We worked outside all day today pretty much.. First pic is some compost we mixed up so I can start seeds. We used the concrete mixer and it worked great. We had a nice fine mix that filled 6-5 gallon buckets!

What happens when a farm girl doesn't listen to her Momma and swings to high in the hammock!!! She flipped completely over and was hung up in it like this.. She was fine and after having a Really good laugh, her sisters flipped her back over!!Playing with the bottle babies out in the front yard!! House dogs were out playing too! Running like crazy!! Our little colorful lamb had to come in the house and is now a bottle baby because she got to cold and weak. We are going to try for a April Lambing next year so maybe we can avoid the problem with the cold. It doesn't seem to affect the goats like it does the lambs. The only reason I have bottle baby goats is because one was not a good mom and the other I went ahead and milked and pulled babies. The lambs its been a variety of reasons, But the main one they got to cold and would get really weak..

Chuck are Dexter bull for next breeding!! He has really grown. He likes to lay in the stuff we have lined up against the fence. Trailers, fencing, tractor bucket and all that!

And the big news of the day.........
Okay Funny picture first!!! I thought it was to funny I caught them like this!! LOL Yes they have made a nest!! Right next to the drive going to the other house on the farm!!
One Goose egg!! These things are HUGE!!!Hmm I wonder which one is the goose egg!!! LOL We weighed it and it was almost 1/2lbs!!

Kyle working on the big brooder!! He is very good at things like this!! The Colored Rangers in their new place!! There are 101 colored rangers....
Oh look food!!!
And MORE food!!!
Starting to pass out from all the excitement.... The banties are in the same pen but separate for now. Till they get old enough to go over the bump of cardboard made to separate them. My pic of the banties looked funny so I will have to get another one.
Its only 2 times a day now!!! The last 4 little lambs went to 2 times a day today!! We still have another month at least for this many bottles and then it will be once a day for about a month. They are all eating hay and running around Outside now!! They can squeeze through the fence in some places so occasionally we hear little hooves on the front door! they know where we come from!!! Lol Well I am heading up to check on the little fluffy babies one more time tonight and then heading to bed! I hope everyone has a good night!


Evelyn said...

Well... you had a very busy day! I'll bet Kyle was glad it was Saturday! What beautiful compost!! Was that from the compost pile outside? Isn't it wonderful what 10 bales of spoiled hay can make!?
Tell your little farm girl to have a good laugh & be so glad that all she did was flip! Did I tell you about the twin girls who did some high swinging on my hammock in Florida? One ended up w/ her leg broken in 2 places!
It looks like it would be so much fun w/ all those babies! I think April would be a much better time for babies! Spring babies seems so much more reasonable! I'm hoping I can be on the road back in April, the day after the election!
That's Chuck??? OMG!! He's huge! Is he friendly? That's gonna be a massive horn spread! I'd love to see a pix of him standing, is he really as huge as he looks? W/ his leg bent like that, you can see how short his canon bone is, I'd love to measure his leg v. his body. He just looks like a massive boy, even if he is tiny as cattle go.
And the geese eggs! That is so great! That pix of the bookends is great. And the grass is green? Is it growing? Only I would notice that... right? You'll be able to plant your fruit basket soon! Have you tasted the goose eggs? I forget how many female geese we have. Those eggs seem bigger than the stone eggs I got. I thought they were goose egg size, maybe it was ducks. lol Do you have anyone interested in buying them?
Do you think one of the dogs will stay up w/ the chicks, to make sure nothing gets them? I just hear so much about all the animals that can get thru chicken wire. Do my paranoid self a favor & tie the cord of those heat lamps around the beam the lights are clipped to. If something did go over the top after the chicks, they could knock the lamps down on the hay & catch it on fire. That brooder looks like it'll be plenty big enough for them till they're ready to go out. Looks big enough for 200! They're warm enough w/ just the heat lamps & no solid sides?
I don't remember if we got straight run or what. Are the little cocks going after each other? I think they are so cute when they're a few days old & full of themselves, jumping up & flapping their stubs at each other.
OMG!!! Too many bottles!!! Do the girls like giving the babies their bottles? I'd like doing it for a time or 2. But, I just wouldn't be into doing it all the time! I like playing w/ them & let the mamas have the work of raising them! I guess it's good that I'm a grandmother these days! That is such the grandmother's attitude!

~~~~~~Tonia said...

I know I said I was going to bed earlier but... Anyway Dont worry Lamps are securely attached to a 2X4 running across the top. I do not take chance with heat lamps period... Its warm right now. There are now drafts in the big barn. Its big enough for the 125 we have in there and will probably be big enough till ready to go outside.. I hope anyway.... I hav enever had anything get Through chicken wire unless some one tried to be cheap and get the bigger chicken wire its thinner and easily torn open.
The bottle baby Novelty has worn off a looooong time ago!LOL

Evelyn said...

I know how that going to bed thing is!
I know you have a real aversion to heat lamp caused fire! lol!!! That brooder looks 4 times as big as the one I made in the garage for 100 chicks last year! I think making it in the barn was a good idea, the air is still up there. I just stuffed my brooder w/ insulation last year & this one is open. But, the is warmer than it was then. I know they'll do just fine, I was just wandering. :)
Oh, the weather channel says that you are T-storm central for the whole country tomorrow! Have fun!!

tree ocean said...

I knew it-I showed my daughter these pics and she is begging for chix! LOL.

We had a couple goose eggs given to us and we blew them out to keep them (we scrambled the eggs). Anyhow, I needed to drive a nail in the end to make the holes to blow them out!!! They are THICK as well as large!

good looking compost! :D

Hot Belly Mama said...

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Love... Hot Belly Mama

Kelle said...

You were busy! Isn't it a nice feeling though to sit down and go over in your mind all the things you accomplished in a day or weekend?

Hey, I love Chuck and our Dexter girls would too.We're hoping to get a young bull for breeding as we found out our cow(Addy) doesn't take to AIing.

I don't know a thing about sheep, goats or geese and we're still learning about what we do have, it makes life interesting and meaningful.

I love your blog, I feel right at home and that means a lot as we're looked at as different, here in MT.