Friday, March 20, 2009

More Pretty Purple Earrings!

Its been BUSY!! We tagged and banded yesterday, I had 7 Young farm hands. They did very well!
Here are most of the babies. Some are still small enough to squeeze through the squares so we was catching them more than once.
Everyone headed out of the barn. Sheep and goats running from the Mean People!!
Our border patrol.... They are fierce too! lol They did good keeping escapees from going back through the fence to momma.
One of the little ones! They are hard to catch but babies when you get them!!
The start of spring!!! We tagged almost all of the sheep and goat babies yesterday. I was almost done had 3 left and ran out of tags but they were one of twins and a twin had been tagged. Now I have to set down and type it all out and see who goes and who stays... I banded anyone who was 10-12 weeks old. It was 4 or 5 cant remember off hand. I have more to do the middle of next month and then more the next month. Banding by 10-12 weeks gives them the testosterone they need to develop but makes them able to be on mom longer with out the breeding worry. Goats and St.Croix sheep are fertile at a very Young age! Can be as young as 8 weeks!
Today was spent in town at the library, grocery shopping and getting what I need for the clothesline since it keeps breaking on me.
Tomorrow we will be tagging calves.... That should be fun! We will also be building the baby turkey pen. They are due to arrive next week. We are getting 15 Midget Whites. Little chicks are doing well and getting feathers. We lost a little banty chick though. So far we have only lost 4 total out 125. So not bad..
I am also working on a idea to start my plants... I will post details when I get it set up and see if it may work....
**Fire Update** They said almost 5000 acres burnt here in our county and all of them could have been avoided. Some people lost their home and property. It did rain and helped some. More rain is headed this way. Some of the story is here
Well Kyle needs a haircut and I am going to bed early to be rested for a long day tomorrow.
I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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Evelyn said...

I can't believe how big those lambs are! And, poor things, you're just so mean to them! Putting those ear rings in their ears!!!! Everyone is just growing so fast & I'm missing it!
It's going to be a long hot summer here in SoCal! I'm going to be anchored to this place, for sure! But, I so much hope I can come back there first. I might end up not being able to get there till Fall, as first expected. :( We're having our normal June gloom here, NOW!!! Everything here (weather wise) has been 2+ months ahead of schedule. I know Fall isn't going to come 2 hours early tho. That means we'll be getting July temps in May, when I usually am just eating peaches; and they'll stay!!! The peaches are nearly ready now.
We already know we're going to have water rationing by Spring. If I'm not back by mid-May, the yard w/ start dying. I've nearly got the grey water system set up, but no one to work it. I need someone to switch water from one part of the yard to another. That keeps me tied here. :(