Friday, March 13, 2009

Miss Me???

Or just my baby pictures?? lol Its been a busy couple of days, The temps dropped and made it miserable again. But its slowly... I mean slowly warming up to 40's
Isn't he just sooo cute??? He knows his eventual fate and doing his best to change our mind...

This is Tony... He is so cute I hope some one buys him soon... Having a hard time not keeping her too... She is so nice and at less that 6 weeks old is huge!! One solid girl! Her and her momma...
Brother and Sister................
Yummy left overs from fall!!!

Best view!

There he is being cute again!!! Stinker!

Yeah Some green!!! Not much but its there.

Ziva she is so sweet.....
Silly lambs!!!

Tony again all dignified......

And the newest proud Papa... Or the other Silkie roo that looks just like him!! Lol The brooding Momma.. Yep she is in the house.. I panicked abit and she is still sitting on the nest I carefully removed.. She has 6-7 eggs under her.
Their first offspring!!! Isn't he cute??? I panicked Because the place they are in has cracks a small chick could slip through OR a cats paw could reach through!! SO till she hatches them all I will keep her in the carrier and then put her in with the rest of the chicks till we get things situated... Ahhh come on spring-like weather!!

Daisy giving Velvet a bath. you really cant see in the pic but Velvet has huge lick marks up the side of her head and her fur was wet!! She was tolerating moms grooming!!Lol
Chuck standing up! lol He is not that tall, looks taller in the picture I think... He also looks old before his time.. I call him a little old man!!

Like I said its been a busy week. We have added to the bottle babies because one of the mommas is trying to wean hers off at less that a month old.. Not good!! They are small and not growing well. SO we have brought them to the tarp barn and added to our collection of bottle babies.. Not what I had in mind but we can't let them starve either.. I have put a few of the bottle babies up for sale. SO hopefully some one will take them soon!!

We haven't lost anymore chicks. I did leak half of the water out into the pen after carrying it up there this morning. That was brilliant let me tell ya!! Of course chicks thought it was great to scratch around in!!. Well I am once again procrastinating so I am going to get off of here and get going! Have a good evening everyone!!


Evelyn said...

Good to hear from you!
I dunno... you or the pix... lemme think...
I'll tel ya, I just got home from 'work'. I checked the blog before checking my email! Too bad about the new bottle babies. Are your goats worn out from providing all that milk? You must not be getting much!
The babies are so cute! The green grass is so nice to see! Chuck is a dwarf, he's going to look like that, but he's just fine, happy & healthy. Are the Dexter mama's sharing babies? I'm hoping that they'll adopt calves. If they do, we could raise some bottle calves to sell to others for finishing... if you want to. Or, if you trained one of the little girls (maybe Velvet) to milk, you could give her calf to any other mama & milk her. They'll hold it back for the babies, like Daisy did, if there's a baby. Hopefuly, once your used to having so many more animals, you can try milking again.

~~~~~~Tonia said...

Okay no more bottle babies.. They wouldnt take them so We have been holding mom and making sure they nurse more often.. She doesnt like it but if she isnt going to do the job then we have to make her feed them more often.
Getting animals to adopt babies is alot of work..

Goat Creek Grandma said...

The pictures are all cute. I like the little cutie.... I think you should keep him! *wink* I so want another goat.


Evelyn said...

Welllll there you go! He wasn't a new home (that isn't as cold as the one he'll get if you don't buy him) & you want another goat! Perfect match! You should buy him! :)
I remember how difficult it is to make them feed their babies! Last year, I had to hold one by the horns (great handles, I'd never remove them!) I moved her next to a haybale that was placed next to a pole. Got the pole on one side & the haybale on another. She couldn't move anywhere till the babies had eaten & had full tummies. You could have DH use that fancy welder to make a little stanchion to put the goat in. If she won't feed her babies, let her stay in there a few times a day. I'll bet he could make it light enough to take to the pasture, or put it on a sled. Then, after babies are grown, I'd send them all to freezer camp. I sure don't want a mama who won't take care of her babies, and I don't want her get either, unless she throws some spectacular quality that I'd want. Mothering is high on my list!

JK said...

Tonia, what babies do you have up for sale? Any little lambies?

Goat Creek Grandma said...

*laughing* I would take him in a heartbeat if I had a spot to keep one. We are losing our farm so right now, I will be lucky to get a spot figured out for a few chickens.