Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Give UP!!

I can't post a blog with OUT baby pics!! Lol Look instant Ice Cubes... This is what came out of the hose when I was watering the cows this morning.. We will be wanting a little of this in July!!
Sheep and babies relaxing the newest one is there but hide behind mom!

Those Boys!! They are quite the chunk and so cute... Well they are a baby goat whats not cute about them? Lol

This is one of my Kiko/Nubian/Boer cross Doelings. She is so healthy it hurts!! Lol Her momma was a First Freshener and she basically hit the ground running!!
Little Indy is half monkey too. She climbs my leg and ends up on the milk stand when I am milking in the morning If I let her out of the baby pen!!

Ziva is just so sweet and seems to have that mellow personality that her mom has. I love it!

That is Ziva's brother jumping through the pic there. He is so nice.
This is Gracie's brother he is very nice too. Already romancing the girls!!!
House babies! Awww they aren't peeing on my floor for once!!! Lol House babies time is limited in the house!! Tomorrow its suppose to be 64* and the next day a little warmer!! So they will go out with a heat lamp right next to the house so i can keep a good eye on them. I noticed my 4 older bottle babies down at the barn didn't do so well where I couldn't keep an eye on them because they have no momma to watch out for them..
Its late And I am ready to be done for the day!! I hope everyone has a great night!!


Evelyn said...

Well... what is wrong w/ baby pix! We all love baby pix! Babies are so cute!!!
I think I'll just be glad that the ice came out of the hose instead of breaking it! I had to drain the hose everday.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures!

Anonymous said...

Those are some sweet babies!!